CCP is working on a new and ambitious MMORPG

CCP is looking for a design chief for its new MMORPG

As we could read on massivelyop, CCP’s official website has launched a vacancy for the development of a new and ambitious MMORPG, which is obviously looking for a design manager who will be part of a team in the company’s London studio. “We are looking to build a relatively small and very united team that is able to generate good ideas through experience, intelligent processes and tools at the first level,” the statement said.

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The requirements for the job include having status involved as a minimum in 1 title as Lead Designer or Design Director in a high-profile MMO, RPG or other similar genre, as well as high knowledge of MMORPGs.

Will CCP surprise us with a title that fills a bit and EVE techniques, or will we offer a spin-off of its famous IP? I share your opinion in the comments.

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