“CCFF7 Reunion” The resolution and frame rate of each hardware has been revealed! PS5/XSX version is 2160p/60fps, Switch version is 720p/30fps

About the resolution and frame rate (FPS) of each platform | NEWS | CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION | SQUARE ENIX


According to the article

We would like to inform you about the resolution and frame rate (FPS) for each platform of “CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION”.
We hope that you will find it helpful when making reservations and purchasing.


(*1) About the FPS listed

It is a variable frame with the listed value as the upper limit.

(*2) FPS on Xbox Series S

Ver1.0.0 is 30FPS, but we are planning to deliver a Day 1 patch, so Ver1.0.1 will be 60FPS.

(*3) About Steam

Steam allows you to switch between the following performances:

・Screen mode: window / virtual full screen / full screen

・Screen resolution: Display dependent

・Frame rate: 30/60/120FPS

・Vertical sync: ON/OFF

・Texture Quality: High / Medium / Low

・Shadow Quality: High / Medium / Low

・Antialiasing: High / Low / Off

・Ambient Occlusion: On/Off

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