[Caution]Users panicked after receiving notifications of “PS5 production end” from Amazon → The truth was ◯◯◯

Amazon has announced the end of PS5 production
After shipping the current model number (CFI-1100)
Are you just saying that you’re going to shift to the new model (CFI-1200)?

Reactions to this article

PS5 that I bought,
Because it was a discontinued model (CFI-1100) model
I got mad, but
After checking, the difference from the new model number (CFI-1200) is
I was relieved that it seemed to be only about weight reduction and low power consumption
Well, people who buy from now on are better off with the new model.
I would like the reseller to die in an explosion with the stock of the old model at most.

Not in general circulation at all
Production of the early version of PS5 has ended.
I haven’t seen the real thing yet.
If you see the PS5 initial lot in the future,
That’s what resellers sell.

PS5 old model is out of production
I hope that the reseller KS who has stock will reduce the price below the list price
Imagining it makes me happy and irresistible
If everyone sees the old model lined up on the screen, let’s provoke

I thought PS5 was out of production.

People who couldn’t buy PS5
I’m mad at Amazon’s PS5 production end announcement,
If it’s discontinued, wouldn’t you be relieved that you didn’t have to buy it?
Everyone is too sharp with conditioned reflexes

Along with the end of PS5 production of the old model number
Work to send a message to the reseller “Please tell me the model number”

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