[Catastrophe]Masako Nozawa Identity Tajima, who is legendary for impersonating, and Pokemon card otaku begin a battle on the Shinkansen, to allow them to’t go to the toilet and it is a large deal…

Excuse me… for many who know extra…
How lengthy does it take for a pokemon card to finish the sport?

I’m sitting on the window aspect of the third row seat of the Shinkansen,
The man within the center and the aisle
I unfold the playing cards on the desk with my acquaintances and began enjoying.

I am unable to go to the bathroom. .
Pressure ~~. .

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In the primary place, it isn’t a spot to play card video games
Do it at a card store or at dwelling

If you wait patiently
I’ll preserve doing it till I attain my vacation spot.
That’s the race.
Please be at liberty to inform me that you’re going to the bathroom.
It’s earlier than the competitors, so I need to contact it even just a little. Please forgive me.
It’s innocent apart from the cardboard, so please be mild with it.
It shall be pleased when you reward the glittering card.

When did you begin enjoying card video games on trains?
Has it develop into the norm…

If I may use teleportation…………

Card video games in comparison with PCs
I am unable to open the best way simply by letting you thru, so is not it dangerous?
It looks as if it could be troublesome to return it to that state after pulling it up as soon as throughout a battle.
I ponder if that is why you care
I feel it’s kind of deceptive to check it with lunch packing containers and PCs.

hey hey go piss
If you say so, I feel you may be pleased to offer method.

↑ In addition
“Hey, why aren’t you doing Dragon Ball Super Heroes?”
Where I would like you to pursue


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