Carroñeros: research guide (tutorial and guide)

Some people may be confused about how to investigate things! So here is a basic guide on how to research things in your research station.

Examination guide


Initially, you must have played a party to be able to use the research station!

Now that you can use the research station, you need some materials.

The starting point for the elaboration is that you must gather resources to deconstruct and obtain materials. Without him, nothing can be created.

Examination of articles

After I have gathered a little, I will present him the guide to deconstruct, yada yada, the point is; you have some powerful and limited materials.

The second thing you need to create is energy. A basic resource that depends on the level of your account and is regenerated over time. Let’s say I am at level 10 and currently have a maximum of 149 energy. Then you can create articles that require up to 149 energy units. So something before that I can not create.

One must keep in mind that it is possible that one has to go further up to start researching some elements, simply because one does not have enough energy.

Creating your resources from nanites

If you do not have enough materials to research something, it is still not done! At this point, you have two options:

  • Play more games.
  • Creandolos starting from Nanites.

And that is to do them. Initially, you will need to sacrifice your resting materials (if you have any) for the Nanites. So if you have an excessive supply of copper or vegetable fiber, they can be constructed in Nanites.

While doing this guide, make level 1 research material (top row), take 10 potentials and 100 nanits. Be careful that if you work with these materials in this way (which I do not recommend), it will cost energy and its nanites will consume, which means that it is possible that you do not have enough energy to study the article , for which the materials were made.

Components and their manufacture

Components are items that can be found in recycled bags or materials found during play. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find some of them, but if you know where the resources can flow, it might be a little easier for you.

The pestaña is a little hard to find, but here is a simple step-by-step guide:

  • See Survey Plan.
  • Resource selection.
  • Find the little button that says Components.

Without restrictions, if you do not have enough components, you can ALSO create them. In general, they are a little more complex and require basic materials to make them. Without restrictions, this time there are no nanites.

Some components can be manufactured alone and many materials are required. An example is the Biónico Addition, which is as complex as some of the Comodín weapons.

I am unlocking several research channels

Can’t wait for things to work out one by one? Well, you do not need to do this when you have already researched a certain amount of articles (since level 2 requires 10 articles to be researched). Then you can finally create many things at once!


Salt now and research everything you can. Only then do you have an opportunity against the best.

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