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At the departure of the expansion Beyond Bandlewood became Park Notes Legends of Runterra 3.8.0 is here to mark the beginning of the era of Worldwalker expansion. If you’re ready for an overload of information, read on to find out everything you need to know about the amazing new addition to the digital Riot card game.

In addition, we will do our best to unite the notes of the LoR 3.8 Park in an easily digestible way so that we can read from the view while we guide you to your subsequent Worldwalker games. Then we reveal the finer details for the min / maxes who need to know everything.

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Highlights of LoR 3.8 – What’s New in Runeterra Worldwalker?

  • The world’s expansion path
  • new cards
  • New techniques and keywords like Origin, Spawn and Boons
  • New challenges, missions and missiles from IA
  • The path of the 2.0 champions
  • Map updates
  • Fire pulse event
  • Roads Region
  • Customization
  • Mazos packages
  • Later on the day
  • Various
  • Bug fix

New masters

In addition to the individual maps, the Masters form an important part of the Legends of Runeterra experience, and LoR 3.8 introduces four more. This is what we know:


  • Use The Origin to re-attach any Habilidades card to your mazo. It’s a powerful skill on paper, but it’s likely that players will spend some time discovering their true strength.


  • As if to hope, Annie takes on the adorable Tibbers monster to repel the enemies in a currently inexplicable way.


  • Bard uses his musical assistants to increase the statistics of the cards in your hand through Chimes.


  • Illaoi relied on the destructive temptations of The Mother Serpent Nagakabouros to defeat the enemy Nexus.

LoR 3.8 Mechanics and keywords

Always in an attempt to give life to the goal and give new life to the strategic character of the game. This time, three new incorporations have arrived, which are detailed below:

Masters and origins of Runeterra

So Bard as Jhin does not have a specific region in Runaterra, which they refer to as masters in Runaterra. Without restrictions, these regionless heroes will always stand for the regional boundary of your mazo, but their ‘Origen’ is ultimately the one who decides which cards can be included in your mazo next to them.


The keyword Spawn makes powerful temptations possible and increases the power to “incredible heights”.


The blessings explain Bard’s unique technique, and are little tricks that attach to the cards on your mazo and are activated every time the drawings are in your hand. For the first time, Bard’s Chimes are simply enhancing the blessed cards.

Camino de Campeones 2.0

Originally unveiled in November 2021, the launch of Path of Champions 2.0 will join new regions such as Noxus, Demacia, Piltover, Zaun, Ionia and Bilgewater. Levels have been reached to reach your entire list of masters, and star levels of masters have been introduced to bring your favorite masters unique abilities and “new stages of their personal adventures”.

New cards

Worldwalker’s first Legends of Runeterra park contains over 65 new maps to present the bike’s new features, keywords and mechanics. They are too deep and complex to include here without things getting too confusing back, but you can consult the large amount of Mobalytics before launch.

Legends of Runeterra Park Notes 3.8

New events

The launch along with LoR 3.8 is the Pulsefire event. Its main attraction is the Pulsefire Akshan feature, but you get high-tech gestures, guards, short turns (not packages) and “much more” on an advanced scale.

Legends of Runeterra Park Notes 3.8

Park Notes LoR 3.8

Map updates

  • Changes to reproduction / transmit in a future park
  • Next main balance sheet park established for 3.10.0 (scheduled for the end of June)
  • Changes to Pirate Aggro
    • Crackshot Corsair-Base stats reduced from 1-2 to 1-1
    • Imperial demolition man: basic stats reduced from 2-3 to 2-2

Fire pulse event

  • Start date: May 24, 2022
  • End date: June 29, 2022 at 10.00 PT / 18.00 BST

Roads Region

  • More free gifts for event cards
  • The regional roads are no longer extended

New features and customization elements

  • Aspects of masters
    • Pulse de fuego Jhin
    • Fire pulse Caityln
    • Fire pulse Aphelios
    • Threshing pulse of fire
    • Akshan fire pulse (fire pulse event aspect)
  • Tables
    • The Chronosphere (interactive elements, visual effects and music)
  • guardians
    • Tibbers (protection)
    • Fire pulse type (frenetic)
    • Fire wrist chip (unvariable)
  • Map by map
    • Pulse of virtuous fire
    • Pulsofuego brothers
    • Fire pulse piercing
    • Fire pulse truth seeker
    • Scroll of Runeterra (awaiting completion of Path of Champions 1.0)
    • Runaterra’s plaque (thanks to those who did Gangplank in Path of Champions 1.0)
    • Echo of Runaterra (delivered to those who turned on Viktor in The Path of Champions 1.0)
  • Emoticons
    • Esperalo
    • Petardeo
    • Is there another time?
    • Alcanzado?
    • Fairy tale! (Thanks to those who beat Viktor by three champions in Path of Champions 1.0.)
  • manojos
    • Time Traveler Package (Jhin Fire Pulse, Caitlyn Fire Pulse, Aphelios Fire Pulse, Thresh Fire Pulse, Lucian Fire Pulse and Champion Cards for them)
    • Deadly Fire Deck (comes with Pulsefire Jhin leather)

Varios and Mudanzas

  • expeditions
    • With LoR 3.8 you can no longer access Expeditions.
    • End of season of A Curious Trip
    • Start the Worldwalker season
    • Now a hand counter will show you clicks to inspect your mouse.
    • The tournaments will now take place over a single weekend with rounds open Saturday and eliminators Sunday.
  • Bug fix
    • One problem was solved because a white circle appeared in the center of the board for some exercises.
    • A problem was solved because the invading Niebla did not display the Efímero icon correctly.
    • An issue has been resolved so that decryption of self-recycled cards does not allow Jinx to go up to level 2.
    • Swiftwing Lancer can no longer be created by itself.
    • An issue was resolved because Overgrown Snapvine slowly blocked the game from escaping Buried In Ice.
    • Shadow Apprentice now has an effect icon that previously failed.
    • Winds of War now treats your enemy correctly, whether or not the enemy is there once the mess is resolved.
    • Ram Stance is now fixed even though the selected device is already in play.
    • The transposition now uses the reduced cost of a device for which it has reduced the cost.
    • An issue has been resolved regarding which Morning Light’s Daybreak transmitter enabled Leona’s level rise.
    • An error message is added when a player intends to move a defective block.
    • A problem was solved that caused the players to fall while seeing the art in the collection.

And that’s all there is to say about LoR 3.8 park records right now. It is likely that we will need a lot more pressing once the update has taken time to install. Without hesitation, if not, take a look at the news about the park TFT 12.10 if you are obsessed with everything related to League of Legends.

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