Carbine Studios hires WildStar to begin a new project

Después de que WildStar fuese relegado a «otras ventas» en el informe de ganancias de NCSoft a principios de este año, a nadie se le pasó por la cabeza que Carbine Studios, developers of WildStar and subsidiary of NCSoft, see pusiera for personal contract for development of another game. At the moment there is nothing official and all that is being said is conjecture from the recruitment list on the Carbine Studios website.

En concreto están buscando;

Most of them require experience with Unreal Engine, Unity and AAA cooperative multiplayer titles. It is also stated that there will be a new IP and no other game in the WildStar universe, requiring previous experience in visual development from scratch for new IPs. In conclusion, the study values ​​the experience of the development of the MMO, indicating that the game will be an MMO or perhaps an action MMO.

Seguiremos de cerca los pasos de Carbine Studios to keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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