Captured players forming teams in Warzone Solo matches

Solo Warzone battles are perfect for players who prefer to launch Caldera and Rebirth Island as a lone wolf. Without the need to coordinate with teammates, many attack the parties with the intention of becoming the last player on foot.

As the community prepares for the launch of Season 3, players will explore what lies within Doradas Bóvedas on Rebirth Island in addition to dominating the “confused” design of the Caldera.

Despite the fact that the Warzone games alone aim to serve individual players, some go along with an intention to reach the final stages of the games.

Warzone solitaire hold

If it is not against the rules to cooperate well with other players in solitaire, it is still worth the thought that all players compete with each other for a chance of victory. Reddit user ‘afightguy’ confirms that the problem is growing after discovering three players using the same operators and working together during a party.

The images of the players working together provoked a great deal of debate, with some players qualifying it as an absolute trap, while others suggested that a strike is a useful tactic to adapt when a large number of players compete for a single goal. One user commented that the “same masks and the same loads” meant that the load was not a coincidence.

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Is it a nightmare to build a team in Solo Warzone?

It is possible that Ricochet anti-cheat does not detect the presence of teams in Warzone alone, but it goes against the general idea of ​​the state. It’s an interesting method to get higher positions, but it’s very easy for a temporary team member to come back against you at any time. It is probably better to be like a lone wolf instead of joining forces with others.

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