Capcom announces Street Fighter 5 “definitive update” for end of month

Capcom has announced a “definitive update” for Street Fighter 5.

It’s slated to launch on March 29, and it includes “a new battle balancing update, cel-shaded filter, pixel filter, new jersey colors, and Cap-Jam remakes in the game.” Game”.

There aren’t many details, though. NME Obviously, there are tweaks to Ryu’s target combos and some new EX moves.

In the trailer, which you can see below these lines, two new filters are shown, although they are only available offline.

By the way, everyone is aiming for this to be the last big update to a Street Fighter 5 that was released over five years ago in February 2016. Its successor, Street Fighter 6, was announced there. just a month ago, and do I hope that in the future, the Japanese company will offer more details about its content and news.

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