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Today is the day that FromSoftware’s long-awaited action-RPG finally launches, and we’re happy to report that fans and critics alike are making a big deal out of it. Si bien pasarás la major part de tu tiempo deribando descomunales jefes y monstruosidades grotescas, es posible que todo ese combate intenso pronto comience a cansarte. As a result, you may be wondering si hay una forma de pausar la action en Elden Ring. In this guide we will explain everything. Entonces, sin más preámbulos, entremos en materia.

Can you pause the game in Elden Ring?

You can’t pause the game in Elden Ring, well, not in the traditional sense anyway. Al igual que sus otros decesores de Soulsborne, no hay un botón de «pausa» conventional disponible que detenga la action.

For example, if you try to access the game menus, the game will simply continue playing in the second plane. Too bad embargo is a pretty tricky fix: if you’re on PS5 and playing the title offline, you can put your PS5 to sleep and this will apparently pause Elden Ring. De hecho, no es ideal, but puede funcionar si estás en apuros.

It’s also worth pointing out that you should be careful not to leave the game running while you’re in a quiet area with enemies for a long time, because if you’re playing online, enemy players can invade the game and six you. pies bajo tierra while har una taza de té. It has been announced!

But that’s all you need to know about pausar el juego en Elden Ring. For conseguir más consejos, trucos y guías, busque dlprivateserver or diríjase a nuestra wiki dedicato al juego.

And for any questions you have that haven’t been answered on the site, don’t hesitate to communicate in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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