Call of Duty Warzone: Season 2 – Release date and all Warzone Season 2 news

The Season 2 of Warzone Pacific and Vanguard it’s almost here, and bring me new locations on the map.

You will also find new modes and events in Warzone, as well as the purchase of the Battle Pass, new operators and weapons.

On this page we show you when warzone season 2 starts and everything coming to Warzone in this update.

When does Warzone season 2 sell out? Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 launch date and time

The Warzone Season 2 launch date is Monday, February 14.

So far, most seasons have launched on Thursdays, but it’s coming on a Monday (and even more so on Valentine’s Day).

The Warzone Season 2 Launch Time is the next:

  • Peninsular Spain and Continental Europe: 6 p.m. (CEST)
  • Canary Islands and UK: 5 p.m. (GMT)
  • Costa este USA: 12h (EDT)
  • US West Coast: 9:00 a.m. (PDT)

Depending on your region and platform, it’s normal that your update is already available, so you should download it so you don’t have to wait.

As always, keep in mind that the launch time could be delayed if there is a late-breaking change from the developers.

What’s new in Warzone Season 2?

The theme for Season 2 is “armored war machines” and chemical weapons, with new points of interest and innovations.

This includes:

  • Nebula V Munitions, a field upgrade that will allow players to emit poison gas, and Nebula V Bombs that can explode on the battlefield.

  • A portable disinfection station that will provide a shield that protects players from Nebula V or Circle gas.
  • Weapon trucks that will move around the map and can stop to pick up items.

  • Newly added to the map, featuring a chemical plant and a chemical weapons research lab.
  • The flying bomber vehicle.

  • Globes that will allow you to unload new ones by parachute.
  • New Caldera Clash and Rebirth Iron Trials modes (this is the last of the season).

  • Three agents (including Anna Drake) and new weapons; the KG M40 assault rifle and the Whitley LMB assault rifle through the battlefield. Further up will be the Hacha de Hielo and the Armaguerra 43.

Divide during the 2nd!

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