Call of Duty Leaker says the development of Modern Warfare 2 is ahead of schedule

The Call of Duty community is already aware of what 2022 has to offer, so the misleading launch of Vanguard in late 2021. As season 3 approaches, players continue to discover a variety of flaws and pitfalls. affects the game.

It is expected that 2022 will be a fantastic year for France and that Modern Warfare 2 will be launched even further this year. With sound-enhancing filters and a new Perk system that delivers returns, many are already looking forward to its launch.

The final screening that was conducted confirms that the development of the game is ahead of schedule, meaning that an earlier launch window could be on the cards.

Development of modern warfare 2

After confirming that a total of 11 students are working on the 2019 Modern Warfare sequel, the remarkable filter ‘TheGhostOfHope’ says that Modern Warfare 2 is “months ahead”. In addition, the filter claims that it has never used a Call of Duty “as advanced” as Modern Warfare 2, much to the curiosity of the community.

Infinity Ward will lead the development of the game, while the other ten students will help with other aspects, including the DMZ mode, which are many rumors, which will launch with at least four unique cards to create an independent mode with its own story.

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Modern Warfare 2 launch date

If the development of Modern Warfare 2 is ahead of schedule, there is a possibility that the game will be launched before the usual launch window in November. Current rumors point to a launch date in October, and based on this latest preview, there is a good chance that Modern Warfare 2 will show up earlier than expected.

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