Call of Duty launches a range of perfumes

The vast majority of video game franchises have their own range of exclusive products that fans can purchase. From clothes to custom controllers, there is a large selection of items to collect.

Compared to other French people, the popularity of the Call of Duty market will rarely reach the heights of its competitors. Since the launch of Warzone, more eyes have been on France than ever before.

While fans are looking for more exclusive ways to show their love for Battle Royale, Call of Duty has teamed up with a velas maker to create a range of perfumed velas that will travel to the caldera and Gulag.

Warzone aromatic dishes

Known for their exquisite creations, Velas maker Wick & Skull share a Warzone-based collection and the iconic Nuketown multiplayer card from the Black Ops series. For fans of multiplayer mode, the old Nuketown contains touches of humus, gingerbread and cymbals from the latest iteration of the map, established in 1984.

Warzone fans are testing the fresh air of the Pacific Ocean with a canopy of coconut, cedar and sandals that reproduces Caldera’s palm trees and beaches. For some of the darker tones, the “Second Chance” screen emits an aroma based on Caldera’s first gulag placed inside a mine.

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Where to buy Call of Duty tickets

You can buy individual for $ 19.99 (£ 16.40) or a pack containing three for $ 56.99 (£ 46.70), so if you want your game configuration huela a Caldera or Gulag, buy them.

The idea of ​​war zone fragrances and multiplayer cards is interesting, but given that the number of players has been reduced by 50 million in the last 12 months, new fragrances are not the best way to get them back into action. However, I’m curious to see what happens to the Gulag.

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