Bungie Day 2020 is already underway! A party that started with thanks to the community. Every year, since September 7, Bungie and its followers meet to celebrate the good relationship, friendship and tell stories between the community, the company and its members. Bungie Day will be about the lashes that were forged during the fight, telling past stories and making plans for the future.

Start a Bungie Day full of activities

From 7 to 13 July, each purchase is at Bungie shop will receive a free Bungie Day 2020 badge.

Bungie Day 2020

Some of the favorite items for fans will be back in stock, in addition to adding new items like a new Bungie Day shirt, some Tricorn beads, mascarillas, the Grimoire Volume 3 reserve and more.

Rewards are also included, as reported in the Bungie Store Moments of Triumph 2020including:

  • Triumph Moments T-shirt
  • Special cutting ring
  • Seal and title “MMXX”

Bungie Day 2020

Some Bungie Store items will receive a 50% discount thanks to reviews of Last Opportunity.


There are 31 triumphs available for fans to complete during Triumph Moments this year. Guards will be available from July 7 to September 22 to complete these achievements and achieve the seal and the title of Moments of Triumph.

Bungie Day 2020

The Moments of Triumph event clashes with the Solsticio de los Héroes, which allows the guards to wear a glorious legendary armor to complete the events.

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Bungie is running a beneficial initiative with Tess Everis, in Tower inside Destiny 2, thanks to the Bungie Foundation. Each purchase of a particular spectrum Empathy bring happiness and the power to deliver iPads to inpatients through the Bungie Foundation.

Bungie Day 2020

Donations made with the empathic cover will be $ 10. Follow these steps to support the Bungie Foundation’s work with hospitalized children.

Bungie Day 2020

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