Bungie and Xbox are due to say something tomorrow, September 10th

Pete Parsons (CEO of Bungie) y Phil Spencer (Xbox executive vice president) will be tomorrow, September 10 in Mixer plays Destiny 2, as well as holds a seat so any fan can play with them during the transmission.

Do not lose to Pete and Phil, who play Destiny 2

The players – and the spectators! – will be able to test Pete and Phil’s skills in Destiny 2 up close and win a special emblem that will celebrate this event with these two great personalities from the industry (even if one of them plays as a Hunter).

Destiny 2 will receive launches on October 1, including its new expansion, Bastión de Sombras, and Nueva Luz, a new way to get in to play in free-to-play format.

The game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC via Steam. In the future, Google Stadium is coming.

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