Bundle with humble hope for orphans

An offer you can not omit

Humble partnered with Tripwire and its friends to humbly support Change30, a beneficial organization that provides critical resources to much-needed employees. Offers from this Humble Hope For Orphans Bundle bring games like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Killing Floor 2, Call to Arms, Full Edition + Deluxe Edition Upgrade, BLACKHOLE and more. The benefits of this package will help provide awareness, training, resources for housing and education for young people without support systems.

Get it with Humble Hope For Orphans Bundle 10 games for about € 8.35. If you do not want all the titles, you have options from € 0.83 to € 5.67.

Un value package on Steam with no current discounts of over € 200.9 for then only € 10.01. Prices are going down, so it’s getting late.

Keep in mind that the Humble Monthly Bundle also has a $ 12 per subscription subscription. month the value of the games in total, depending on the month, round between 150 € – 250 €.

More information here with the December review.

Llévate for 0.83 €:

Llévate for around € 5.67:

Llévate for about € 8.35:

Bundle with humble hope for orphans

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