Buildings in Population Zero

Enplex games have wanted to know the first details about the buildings in Population zero his project Survival MMO where the players will be divided into different colonies and divisionsin a small open world full of resources, technologies and territories to discover.

To build our own house in Population Zero, we usually do some work. Explore the world, gather the necessary resources, fight against the alien planet’s life forms already sometimes against other players. In time, you will be able to build your own colony, claim territory like ours, and from there, what we do in PZ’s world depends on us. Search, attack powerful and intelligent alien monsters or even participate in doing some PvP.

This trailer is about what you can achieve if you are creative and patient. Building in Population Zero will be something more than making textured square boxes to store your resources and wait for the night to end. There will be many different shapes and forms, decorations and defense mechanisms with those playing while building, along with different levels, as well as walls and gates to ensure your fort is unstoppable.

The game has a system of durability and weight to ensure that no structure looks unnatural, so it is impossible to build scratches with stones and stones. This mechanism makes the raid on other players a big part of the experience, so we tend to discover weaknesses in the structural integrity of the buildings in order to undermine them.

Depending on the progression of the character, the space in which we can build becomes much larger. We can raid and claim resource points and dominate entire regions of the planet if we unite or form a clan.

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