[Breaking news]Mr. Hidekazu Tanaka, a super-famous anime song composer such as “Imus”, “Aikatsu”, “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san” OP, arrested

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Hidekazu Tanaka Arrest Forced indecency Composer Imus Nyaruko Images related to Aikatsu-02


Music provided to popular games, etc. Composer arrested for attempted forced indecency | NHK | Incident

Hidekazu Tanaka Arrest Forced indecency Composer Imus Nyaruko Images related to Aikatsu-03

A 35-year-old composer who has provided music for many games and animations, in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.He used obscene words to a teenage girl and forcibly pulled her hand.I learned from an interview with an investigator that he was arrested on suspicion of attempted indecent assault.
The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the situation in detail because the security camera at the station showed a scene of following a woman.

was arrested bySuspect composer Hidekazu Tanaka(35).

According to investigative sources, in August this year, at a bicycle parking lot near a station in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, a teenage woman was accused of forcibly pulling her hand after saying obscene words. I’m here.

When a woman complained of damage to a nearby police box and the Metropolitan Police Department investigated, it was found that a security camera at the station showed a woman following her.

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Hidekazu Tanaka (composer) – Wikipedia

Hidekazu Tanaka (Tanaka Hidekazu, June 4, 1987 -) is a Japanese composer and arranger. Born in Osaka Prefecture.

Providing music

“Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Pachislot Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel 3”
“GOOD DAY!” (composition/arrangement)
“Sukijanai Gilettai” (Composition/Arrangement)
“There will be tomorrow!” (composition/arrangement)
“Lyrica in Wonderland” (composition/arrangement)
“Love is not bound by school rules!”
Character song “Heads or Tails” (composition/arrangement)
“The Idolmaster Series Cinderella Girls” series
“Star!!” (composition/arrangement)
[email protected]☆” (composition/arrangement)
“STORY” (composition/arrangement)
“Susume ☆ Otome ~jewel parade~” (composition/arrangement)
“EVERMORE” (co-composed and co-arranged)
“Slow Life Fantasy” (Composer/Arrangement) Anzu Futaba Solo Song
“Illusionista!” (composition/arrangement)
“Sakura no Kaze” (composition/arrangement)
“Blessing” (composition/arrangement) Kaede Takagaki solo song
“Joker” (composition/arrangement)
“Go Just Go!” (Composer)
“Itoshisa♥” (composition/arrangement)
“EVERLASTING” (co-composed and co-arranged)
“Demolish” (composition/arrangement)
“mai mai”
“Mischief” (composition/arrangement)
“Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!”
“Dramatic Girl” (composition/arrangement)
“Re: Stage!”
“*Heart Confusion*” (composition/arrangement)
“Tenka Hundred Swords -Zan-“
“Gently tap the blade♡” (composition/arrangement)
“GO-MA-NE-TSU” (composition/arrangement)
“Yui Kizuna” (composition/arrangement)
“Uma Musume Pretty Derby”
“transforming” (composition/arrangement)
“Touhou Danmakukagura”
“Live Oh Alive!” (Arrangement)

“Colorful Days” (composition/arrangement)
“Junjou PUNCH” (composition/arrangement)
“SMILE+SMILES” (composition/arrangement)
“not so bad” (composition/arrangement)
“MOTTO!” (composition/arrangement)
“Wagnaria Hymn ~a day of Inami Mahiru” (Arrangement)
“Wagnaria Hymn ~ a day of Taneshima Poplar” (Arrangement)
“Wagnaria Sanka ~a day of Yamada Aoi” (Arrangement)
“Gakuen Apocalypse HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD”
“Memories of days gone by” (composition/arrangement)
“Black Butler II”
“God’s Right Hand Theme ~Chicken Curry Hen~” (composition/arrangement)
“Reaper’s Attendance Management” (composition/arrangement)
“Imoral Wonderland” (composition/arrangement)
“Future Memories” (composition/arrangement)
“THE [email protected]
“Kami SUMMER!!” (composition/arrangement)
“My [email protected]” (composition/arrangement)
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Climb! Nyaruko-san”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“The Sun Says, Burn Chaos” (composition/arrangement)
“Watashi, Magical” (composition/arrangement)
“The Sun Says, Burn Chaos (Nyarlathotep ver.)” (Composer)
“The Sun Says, Burn Chaos (Cutugua ver.)” (Composer)
“Taiyo Says, Burn Chaos (Tamao Kurei ver.)” (Composer)
“Taiyou Say Moeyo Chaos 30min Non-limit ver.” (composition/arrangement)
“Taiyou Sayu Moeyo Chaos (Haiyori Tai G’ver.)” (Composer)
“Taiyo Says, Go Chaos (Cthulhu ver.) (Instrumental)” (Composition)
“Taiyo Says Burn Chaos (Game Says Saving Is Important Ver.)” (Composition)
“Taiyo Sainai Moe Yo Chaos” (Composer)
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Calendar Girl” (composition/arrangement)
“Move on now!” (composition/arrangement)
“Idol activities!” (composition/arrangement)
“prism spiral” (composition/arrangement)
“Angel Snow” (composition/arrangement)
“Midnight Sky High” (composition/arrangement)
“Houkago Ponytail” (composition/arrangement)
“Idol activities! (Ver. Rock)” (composition and arrangement)
“New Chocolate Incident” (composition/arrangement)
“Original Star☆彡” (composition/arrangement)
“Dance in the rain” (composition/arrangement)
“Let’s Aikatsu!” (composition/arrangement)
“Good morning my dream” (composition/arrangement)
“Vividred Operation”
“Arifureta Shiawase” (Composer/Arrangement)
“Climb! Nyaruko-san W”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Koi wa Chaos no Reiya” (composition/arrangement)
“My little sister can’t be this cute. 』
“Emotional line loop” (composition/arrangement)
“Servant x Service”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Mei Ai Help Puyu?” (composition/arrangement)
“PEACE☆Magical Flowers” (composition/arrangement)
“snowdrop” (composition/arrangement)
“THE [email protected] MOVIE To the other side of the brilliance!”
“Ramune color youth” (composition / arrangement)
“Wake Up, Girls!”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Little Challenger” (composition/arrangement)
“7 Girls War” (co-composed and arranged with Akira Kozaki)
“Gera” (composition/arrangement)
“Gokujou Smile” (composition/arrangement)
“Wolf and Piano” (composition/arrangement)
“Stella Drive” (Composition/Arrangement)
“Ryugajo Nanana’s Buried Gold”
“mission:Love me Do♡” (composition/arrangement)
“Hanaha Odori Layer Irohaniho” (Composition/Arrangement)
“Weekup Girl ZOO!”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Climb! Nyaruko-san F”
“Haiyore Once Nyagain” (composition/arrangement)
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Wake Up, Girls! Shadow of Youth”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Shoujo Symphony” (composition/arrangement)
“Sugao de KISS ME” (Composer)
“Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom”
“Beyond the Bottom” (composition/arrangement)
“Anne Happy♪”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“PUNCH☆MIND☆HAPPINESS” (composition/arrangement)
“Narumaru Maru” (composition/arrangement)
“Aikatsu Stars!”
“Marina in August” (Arrangement)
“Burning Table Tennis Girl”
“Burning Switch” (composition/arrangement)
“V-shaped rise Victory” (Composition / Arrangement)
“Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Sword Oratoria Dungeon? Gaiden”
“day by day” (composition/arrangement)
“Love Tyrant”
“Love? De Ai? De tyrant!” (composition/arrangement)
“Good Luck Lilac” (composition/arrangement)
“Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter”
“7 Senses” (composition/arrangement)
“Isekai Rhapsody Beginning with Death March”
“Sukino Skill” (composition/arrangement)
“Uma Musume Pretty Derby”
“Silent Star” (composition/arrangement)
“Lonely ○○ life”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Assassins Pride”
BGM (in the name of MONACA)
“Share the light” (composition/arrangement)
“It seems that superhuman high school students can easily survive in another world! 』
“Hajimete no Kakumei!” (Arrangement)
“1・2・3” (“Nishikawa-kun and Kirisho” version, co-arranged with Mafumafu)
“First Step” (composition/arrangement)
“Precious” (composition/arrangement)
“Fire Fight!” (Composer/Arrangement)
“be Cute” (composition/arrangement)
“Itookashi” (composition/arrangement)

“God Song” (Composition/Arrangement)
Marina Kawano
“FOCUS!FOCUS!” (composition/arrangement)
“a long long letter” (composition/arrangement)
“Do!!Do!!Let me Fun♪” (composition/arrangement)
“Mizukoi” (composition/arrangement)
“WORLD IS CALLING” (composition/arrangement)
Sumire Uesaka
“We and Our Way” (Composition/Arrangement)
Kaori Yui
“LUCKY DUCKY!!” (composition/arrangement)
Rena Ueda
“Watashi*dori” (composition/arrangement)
“Walk on your side” (composition/arrangement)
“Humanity Minna Senpai!”
“JAM GEM JUMP!!!” (composition/arrangement)[9]

“I want to be a girl” (co-composed and arranged with Mafumafu)
Chocotto no Answer (co-composed and arranged with Mafumafu)
“Super Nuko ni Naren Kta” (Arrangement for Mafumafu Tribute Album ~Reincarnation~, under the name of Hidekazu Tanaka x Manunchan)
“Ouverture” (composition/arrangement)
“Ouverture (Happiness 4 you!)” (Composer)
“Familiar base” (Arrangement)
“LINE LOOP” (Arrangement)
“Sansara!” (composition/arrangement)
Sana Natori
“Amakamisama” (Composition/Arrangement)
“day by day” (composition/arrangement)
“Linaria Girl” (composition/arrangement)
“CAFUNE” (Composer)
“Midnight Powerless God” (Composer)
“Hikarire” (Composer)
“yours” (composition/arrangement)
“KILIG” (Composer)
“Listen” (composition/arrangement)
“Manro rain” (composition)
“Welcome back” (Composition)
“Punishment and Punishment” (Composition)
“Ending Note” (Composer)
“Compass Song” (composition/arrangement)
“Midnight Theater with Nagi Nemoto” (composition and co-arrangement)
“Aigatte ♡ Lante” (composition/arrangement)
“Hajimete no Kakumei!” (Arrangement)
“Life Easy?” (Arrangement)
“Summer Slider” (composition/arrangement)
“Irritable” (composition/arrangement)
“Kokan*Starburst” (Composition/Co-arrangement)
“Shinka Kei Sketch” (composition/arrangement)
Momo Asakura
“Shirokujichuumu” (composition/arrangement)
Omaru Polka
“Psychotic Polka” (composition/arrangement)
“Mash de Art” (Composer)

Huh, huh, are you lying?

Fa! ?
Most of the songs that are strangely addictive in anime songs are this guy?

There are a few people tweeting that they heard it on the radio
Are you lying?

[Sad news]Anison industry ends

Seriously… Forced indecency

What! ?Biggest news of the year

be some kind of mistake

If the composer is arrested, what will you do with the release of the music?
If you end up closing all the subscriptions, the penalty will be dangerous.

Hidekazu Tanaka was pretty handsome
I thought you had bad manners

I just heard it on NHK radio
It seems that a surveillance camera caught him chasing after a woman.

↑ If you think you did something because of the tangle of love with a woman
Actage guy or Kinkome route…
may not be able to return

Usually serious and big news
Kimoota is surprised

oh precious talent

what do you do with this
There are a lot of songs offered.

Is there really no music stop?the numbers are crazy

↑ Depends on the content of the misbehavior
apparently as far as i’ve heard
It seems that the camera caught him chasing a middle school or high school girl.
may stop everything

Well, it was a guy in the otaku area who did it.
I’d rather regulate

I’m really in shock, but…
I really respected you

I can’t be friends with someone whose subs say ~ when I say this

Do uncle Aikatsu who wakes up in the morning despair?

[Sad news]WUG passes away…

The best-selling anime song composer right now

It’s not like I got burned while playing with women
Chasing JCJK from behind on the street is intense…
cross the line too much

be a lie

This is the ARuFa character song

i don’t believe wai

I don’t feel like chasing Imus without Hidewa anymore

A villain who targets girls
death penalty is fine

What is radio
It might be Hidekazu Tanaka, a self-proclaimed composer with the same name.

villainous man
The end of the anime song industry

Uh, you’re lying… that Hidekazu Tanaka was arrested! ?
Are you serious…? Are you a famous composer?

It offers so many songs
what about that song… I don’t think it’s going to stop all distribution…?


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