[Breaking news]”FF Series 35th Anniversary General Election” Wakka is 2nd within the favourite character class wwww, favourite music class is acquainted, favourite title class is 1st place…

Favorite title class tenth to 1st place

tenth place: Final Fantasy 15
ninth place: Final Fantasy 11
eighth place: Final Fantasy 4
seventh place: Final Fantasy 8
sixth place: Final Fantasy 5
fifth place: Final Fantasy 9
4th place: Final Fantasy 6
third place: Final Fantasy 10
2nd place: Final Fantasy 7
1st place: Final Fantasy 14


Favorite music class twentieth to eleventh place

twentieth place: decisive battle (FF6)
nineteenth place: Not alone (FF9)
18th place: A dream that ends sometime (FF10)
seventeenth place: Yosei Ranbu (FF6)
sixteenth: Eyes On Me (FF8)
fifteenth place: Rise ~ Machinist Castle Alexander: Tendou Hen ~ (FF14)
14th place: Answers (FF14)
thirteenth: Melodies Of Life ~ Final Fantasy (FF9)
twelfth place: One-winged angel (FF7)
eleventh: Those who struggle additional (FF7)


Favorite music class tenth to 1st place

tenth place: Aerith’s theme (FF7)
ninth: Eternal Wind (FF3)
eighth: Shadow Bringer ~ Hades Prelude ~ (FF14)
seventh place: War’s voice (FF14)
sixth: Flash (FF13)
fifth place: Nice (FF10)
4th place: Looking for associates (FF6)
third place: Long Fall ~ Remains of Another World Silks Twining ~ (FF14)
2nd place: Deadly struggle on the massive bridge (FF5)
1st place: At Zanarkand (FF10)


Favorite character class twentieth to eleventh place

twentieth place: Sephiroth (FF7)
nineteenth place: Rock Call (FF6)
18th place: Zack Fair (FF7)
seventeenth place: Celis Cher (FF6)
sixteenth place: Noctis Lucis Cheram (FF15)
fifteenth place: Bats Krauser (FF5)
14th place: Lightning (FF13)
thirteenth place: Yuna (FF10)
twelfth place: Tina Branford (FF6)
eleventh place: Squall Leonhart (FF8)


Favorite character class tenth to 1st place

tenth place: Orchefan Greystone (FF14)
ninth place: Tida (FF10)
eighth place: Bibi Ornitia (FF9)
seventh place: Gu Laha Tier (FF14)
sixth place: Aerith Gainsborough (FF7)
fifth place: Gitan Tribal (FF9)
4th place: Tifa Lockhart (FF7)
third place: Cloud Strife (FF7)
2nd place: Wakka (FF10)
1st place: Asien Emetselk (FF14)



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