Breakfast Lady – Game Tip

Just the basic game with a few tips.

Tips for beginners

You want:

  • Stay away from the dinner lady!
  • There are 10 blue rugs, each containing an exam page.
  • The steps are located in hallways A, B, C, the stairs and the director’s office.
  • When you find a key, it opens all the doors that that key can open as fast as it can.
  • Once you have taken the 10 pages of the exam, everyone (those on foot) should be at the entrance where it started.


The lady in the restaurant can cook, or you can cook (or knives?). If the kitchen mistress approached you, you would fall with a cart in your head. He can not move, but he can come back, see, talk and ask for help. You can also use a botiquín (usually rattan plate).


There are disposable shops that you can find but only take one at a time that can allow you to help a player down: press and hold and until it rises, or help yourself: hold down the mouse button, until they are curated.


  • When you hear Lunch Lady mumble, she’s nearby.
  • Do not run through the hallways for a long time with the Lunch Lady behind you, she will collect things (or knives?) And take you away; meters in one room.
  • Remember which rooms have compartments behind or two compartments, it is best to find them when it is dark and the door closes.
  • It’s easier to move blue carpets high, and it’s even easier to walk on high floors. Look no further.
  • Do not heal yourself when the lady of the party is nearby, or if she approaches when you are sick, then you are already sick.
  • Do not hide in places without walking, you can run around the tables. The director’s office is not a good place to hide!
  • There is a valvula (in the cafeteria) that periodically bombs steam that you can draw.

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