Breakaway and The Amazing Eternals have been canceled

Day for cancellations

Today we have 2 matches canceled. On the other hand, we have Breakaway developed by Amazon Games, which offers a 4v4 Sport Team Battle with fast action, teamwork and competitiveness. According to Kotaku media, the game is temporarily suspended and may resume its development further. Breakaway has been in a closed Beta mode and has been pretty bombastic on Amazon’s part this year, though it looks like the game has not finished warming up.

The other one canceled, also at the moment, came to us from Digital Extremes, who had great results with the latest Plains of Eidolon expansion for their Shooter MMO Warframe but he did not do so well with The Amazing Eternals will close its servers indefinitely on November 2, 2017. The shooter with free-to-play cards pretending to compete against the monster of the shooter Overwatch, and never stepping into its development in the state of Beta Closed and Digital, says it has nothing to do in this country.

The announcement was made in the game’s official forums and read the following:

After many internal discussions about the status of The Amazing Eternals, we have decided to press the pause button on development at this time. This decision has not been made in the league. We worked hard to make it a match that we are proud to say we trained to have great potential. Without hesitation, we will honestly look at the current display of the games and how the game worked in closed beta. Unfortunately, the game will not reach players fast enough to admit a base of players with viable equipment with the design direction of the current game, which is the life of this type of game. Then we will with great emphasis take a step back to reevaluate the design and be able to return to visit our fascinated heroes in the future.

It was a difficult decision to make and we cannot thank you enough for your incredible support during development. The Amazing Eternals will survive through all of you who studied there to make it a reality.

We have no further plans to discuss at this time, but feel free to ask questions or concerns here and we will try to answer them.

Any user who has purchased the basic packages for The Amazing Eternals will receive a refund.

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