Boss Rush, Survival Rush and Dread Rush

Nintendo and MercurySteam have released update 2.1.0 for Metroid Dread, which adds the new Boss Rush mode to the game. Without a doubt, Boss Rush is divided into three modes, each of which functions as a different difficulty level.

It is worth noting that Boss Rush is available to players who have mastered the main story of Metroid Dread, probably to avoid spoilers. Once players have finished the game with some difficulty, simply press R in the finished profile to go through Boss Rush mode.

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Metroid Dread 2.1.0 parknotes: Boss Rush, Survival Rush and Dread Rush

Here’s what you need to know about the Metroid Dread 2.1.0 update and the various difficulties with Boss Rush, courtesy of Nintendo and its parknotes:

the chief’s fever

  • A way for players to fight in 12 consecutive matches against bosses and looking for the best moment.
  • Any damage received is transferred to the next payslip. The weapons have been completely restored between the battles.
  • If Samus is defeated, players can select “Reintent” to continue playing from the beginning of the match they lost. Without restrictions, there is a time penalty for being violated.
  • The bosses playing in Boss Rush can play one to one at any time by selecting “Practice”.
  • * Unlocks to complete the main game once. (If a player has completed the game before the launch of the update, Boss Rush can be played immediately after the update).

Supervision career

  • A mode where players can turn over as many points as possible within the 5 minute time limit.
  • Any damage received or used weapon is transferred to the next match. Although there is time left, Samus’ defeat will result in the end of the game.
  • Disabling a boss will add a fixed amount of time to the recurring contour. Defeat a boss without receiving any damage to receive a bigger time bonus.
  • * Survival Rush is unlocked by completing Boss Rush or Dread Rush.

fever of terror

  • The basic rules are the same as in Boss Rush, but if Samus is beaten by a boss, his energy is reduced to zero and exhausted.
  • The bosses against those fighting in Dread Rush can face each other at any time by selecting “Practice”.
  • * Unlocks when you complete the main game with Dread mode. (If a player has completed Dread Mode before the update starts, Dread Rush can be played immediately after the update).

General corrections

  • A bug was fixed that the Game Over screen did not display properly when Samus received damage and was damaged immediately after destroying a central device.

Metroid Dread is now available, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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