Bold resale measures with “Pokeka”!Here are the measures of a certain shop

Resale of “Pokeka”, measures by cutting the top of the pack “I want to sell it in a clean state” – GIGAZINE

According to the article

・There is no end to reselling.Recently, stores that implement measures to put a “notch” on the top of the “ONE PIECE card game” card pack

・An even more in-depth measure has emerged. “Cut off the top and throw it away.” A person in charge of the store that carried out the campaign tweeted, “I hope it reaches as many users as possible.”

・On November 14, 2022, the person in charge of Pokeka and One Piece cards at “Yurakusha Himeji Hanada” (Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture), which handles games and trading card games, tweeted with the title “Pokeka sales measures”.

・Even if there is a customer who wants to sell pokeka in a box (buying a box), after removing the film wrapping “shrink” that tightly wraps the new box, it will be sold as a pack only. Furthermore, all packs are said to be delivered after the top of the pack is completely cut off. The tweet further states that the box the pack came in and the parts that were cut off will be thrown away.

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