Boil, serve, delicious! 2 count with a free extension in June

It will be tested during PAX East 2018

Vertigo Gaming has announced the launch of the first expansion to Sim de restaurants Boil, serve, delicious! 2. The update comes under the name ‘The Barista Update’ in June on Steam, and the Humble Store.

‘The Barista Update’ contains many new foods, new restaurants, new levels and new ways, and will be available FREE for all holders of Boil, serve, delicious 2. Assistants for PAX East 2018 will also have the opportunity to play a small portion of the expansion in April in Boston, where the game will take place as part of the MEGABOOTH Indies.

“CSD 2’s Barista update is centered on coffee, frozen beverages, coffee with milk and all kinds of coffee-inspired pumpkins, in addition to offering new foods ranging from exclusive prices to some basic twists in the old days,” he said. from Vertigo Gaming, David Galindo. “More details will be given soon, so be sure to check out our social network for more information and greet the team during PAX East.”

Boil, serve, delicious! 2 is the sequel to the best-selling and most-intended restaurant simulator ever created. Slowly easy to learn, but incredibly difficult to master. A version for PlayStation 4 is currently being developed, which will see the light of day in 2018.

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