“Bocchi the Rock! Mr. Goto, the Ajikan who was the original story of “”, talks about his unexpected impressions after watching the anime, “While watching, I believed that we recaptured rock from ○○.”

■ “Bocchi the Rock! ]The identify of the character is a parody of “Asian Kung Fu Generation”
Bocchi the Rock! Ajikan Asian Kung Fu Generation Gotch Impressions Parody Original Story Hitori Goto Images related to Masafumi Goto-02

Dosakusa Diary 12/5-11 2022|Masafumi Gotoh|word

Bocchi the Rock! Ajikan Asian Kung Fu Generation Gotch Impressions Parody Original Story Hitori Goto Images related to Masafumi Goto-03

A stage greeting for the documentary movie of the Asian Kan twenty fifth Live filmed by Director Kawai. Then interview.

After returning residence“Bocchi the Rock! I noticed an anime referred to as.

The Shimokitazawa Shelter appeared identical to the actual factor, and it made me really feel nostalgic.

You’ll solely know what Ajikan has achieved if you’re older.

I really feel just like the analysis and outcomes will turn out to be clear after I die. however,so-called rock

Isn’t it one of many achievements to recapture from a form of defectiveness?

“Bocchi the Rock! I believed whereas watching.We have been in opposition to a sure gown code that rock had.

It could be attractive costumes and make-up, the picture of a leather-based jacket, or half pants and

It was cloud surf.At the time of debutI used to be usually advised, “That’s not rock.”

There have been instances when it harm, however there have been instances when these phrases have been the gasoline.I’m not conscious that I’m a shadowy character, however

(Because that will be the bias and character that the gown code induced), it is true that I used to be sulking.

Right now, I’m heading straight to music.I fought with my pals within the dressing room

We go as much as the stage with stress and play music that solely we will do.whether or not it’s locked

I actually do not care. Now we simply do what we will. I feel we grew to become a superb band.

Read full textual content beneath

have a look at grass

The very first thing I contact on is Gotch who really stop Twitter

give me the music

Gotchiza Rock Yan

That’s how I understand it

Write a gothic tune…

I see it in a slightly constructive approach.

The title of the anime Bocchi Zarok is taken from a tune by Ajikan.
I lastly observed it on my strategy to your own home

The grass that was animated on the timing once I stopped Twitter

The undeniable fact that I’m watching at this timing would not present music

Do you imply that it is good to not have an environment sure by the stereotype of rock music?
are you honoring this

I mentioned one thing good and laughed

Yabeewwwwww You’re lastly watching the anime even with the unique story, Gotch aren’t you?
Bocchi Za Rock’s affect is simply too nice wwwwww

I’m glad it was seen comparatively favorably…you mentioned one thing superb…
I ponder if this can be a set off so that you can present music and work collectively…

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