“Bocchi the Rock! A recent otaku who learned about “Ajikan” from

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I am unable to imagine this band was stuffed to the brim

Instead of being buried, I climbed to the highest

When Ajikan occurred to be performed on YouTube Music, I felt “It’s really good”, and on the identical time, I used to be slightly fearful that “I wonder if the current generation knows Ajikan”.

I cried

Eh,,, is that this a era hole? Maybe there are generations who do not even have intercourse? ?

Young individuals in the present day do not learn about bands that have been fashionable between 2003 and 2012…

Anime otaku-kun’s restricted perception is horrifying, is not it?

It’s not that it is harmful to know Ajikan in a shabby method, however it’s not good to bury it by yourself simply because you do not know it.

People who’ve discovered about Ajikan within the rags will be capable to be taught numerous Ajikan’s well-known songs to any extent further, so the enjoyable will proceed.

x was full
o seen i used to be on the prime

I chortle like this www

Rather, I’m glad it was a possibility to study horse mackerel.

It’s most likely due to my age, however I assume I solely know anime lol

The readership of Manga Time Kirara MAX, which publishes bozzaro, is of their teenagers to 30s, and about half of them are of an age who do not know the period when horse mackerel was well-known, so I really feel like it may well’t be helped
In my late teenagers, I did not know something about horse mackerel.

I’m conscious that I’m an Internet outdated man, and I’m making a really painful face.

Seriously let me say this, however I do not know a lot about Asian individuals aside from music lovers.No matter what I say, this band has no well-known songs aside from tie-ups

I do not know in the event that they’re the identical race, however Otaku-kun has a strict behavior of claiming “It’s a TikTok song!”

That of the tick-tok phenomenon and the bundle phenomenon

Naruto, Hagaren, Bleach, 4.5 tatami mats, and I used to be the one one on the town, so it is attainable that somebody buried them…

It’s inconceivable to say “I was buried up to the rags”, however is there a sense that “I was in the limelight again”?

I’m glad I bought to know the world…

Horse mackerel was buried! ?


Well, horse mackerel was fashionable fairly a while in the past, so younger individuals as of late
Is there a risk that I do not know… however it’s kind of “buried”…

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