Bluehole clarifies; The problem is not the Battle Royale of Fortnite, it’s Epic Games

We used our name to promote your game “without our consent”

The controversy continues, and it is Blue holein an interview with Pc Gamer, wanted to clarify the statements in the press release that eco happened yesterday, on the entire network.


Bluehole Vice President and Executive Producer, Chang Han Kim | wanted to open the press release and declare the following in PC gamer; “That’s not the way to play Battle Royale here.” [miptheme_quote author=»Bluehole» style=»pull-right»]We use Unreal Engine to develop PUBG and pay a large sum of money, based on the size of our success, to Epic Game[/miptheme_quote]There are other game modes similar to the ones that were launched at the beginning of the year and never had a problem. I think it’s great that there’s more competition and that the whole world should be able to create its own Batlle Royale, and this is not the idea itself, but Epic Games. It was not clear in the press release “.

The interview in the US continued with the true reason for the Bluehole crash, and that is that they bought the graphics engine from Epic Games, Unreal Engine, to develop PUBG and paid a lot of money compared to the sales they had. Epic Games has promoted its licensing model with the urge to support successful indie developers and with the words of Han Kim | “Bluehole is the indie developer that has been the most successful using Unreal Engine this year, and that’s the problem I see.”

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Resuming a bit of the long interview, Chang Han Kim is busy filtering out the improvements that could be made in the future for PUBG, as the support for 100 players in the same session makes the relationship they have with Epic Games just as much support. Unreal Engine technician references, and these enhancements add the Battle Royale of Fortnite.

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Finally, the second lottery that took place was the use of the PUBG name to promote their game. “It was in a promotional video posted on Twitter, which openly mentioned that they were fans of PUBG, that we wanted to make this mode of the Battle Royale game, and it gives the impression that we were officially involved in the project. ” he said. Sammie Kang |Marketing Manager for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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