Bloons TD 6 – Spike Factory Guide

Pinchos factories tend to throw in the trash, but in reality they can be very useful support towers and used as traps or of course as the last line of defense. This guide will focus on the general strengths and weaknesses of fire factories, as well as on the three paths and what they do at their fire factories.

Spike factory manual

What are Spike’s factories? And for what purpose?

Fuel factories have support towers that fluctuate between $ 850 and 1,200 in the game and basically produce heaps of smoke that can be used to keep the globe moving.

Pincho’s factories are best as a second line of defense and can be used even in the middle of a map or at the end of the map to hold the extra globes that your first line of defense has crossed.


  • Relatively cheap to install.
  • You can delete and delete with several types of gloves when updating.


  • Cost updates.
  • Fighting with Moab.

Upper route (recommended)

If you choose the top path for smoke factories, when it reaches the third update, you will get safety balls that will do better damage to the ceramic and lead globes with the addition of a greater durability.

The fourth update is comprehensive with balls that you can now explore every time you reach the end of your life, and the final level 5 update simply makes these aspects seem more extreme.

In general, the upper path is one of the best paths to the nail factory, and due to the explosive elements, such as in its best combination with ceramic and lead balls, it does very well by eliminating large groups of globes and is a of the few. ways to make the nail factory are better for lidiar with moabs, although of course it is not the best and still has problems in most cases.

Some of the most common disadvantages of following this path are that the little ones have some time to disappear, including if you choose two updates on the downward path, which can actually limit their potential, besides being very expensive though. is a problem with all routes from the pike factory in general.

Medium road (not recommended)

When you reach the level 3 update for this road, you will get some that can cause further damage to Moab.

At level 4, you get an ability that allows you to cover the entire map with small steps and the final level when this change is permanent.

In general, the middle ground offers better things that can make your pinchos factory ruin moabs better, but not much more. The increase in fuel production and the additional damage to the Moabites make it easier to destroy, but it is better and easier to use cannons and other towers that are much cheaper and can withstand the globe, as opposed to the middle ground. factories which, despite the large amount of pebbles they produce, are still inadequate and too difficult to remove groups of globes, especially at later levels.

Despite the difference from many other towers, due to the fact that the central road provides an extreme amount of peach production, its potential is not so limited, but it is still tough and the peaks do not hold much.

Lower road (recommended)

When you reach level 3 for this path, there are other small ones that can last longer and up to an entire round.

Level 4 gives you little ones that can be installed in several globe layers, and the best level 5 makes the little ones almost permanent.

In general, the lower route is good enough in most cases, but may have some difficulty.

Its long speed and long duration points can withstand many rounds and be more efficient than most of the other points, which can well be correlated with a faster production.

Without limitation due to the fact that the peaks are relatively few specialized in reserving certain types of globes and that it is still limited in the number of peaks that can produce but can be an easily accessible defense.

Although of all the trails it has the advantage that it is of course the cheapest because it can be done at a lower price than all the other trails but all the weaknesses that I have already mentioned still apply.


All in all, fire factories are excellent support towers and can serve as another line of defense, but they still have trouble being expensive and disabling for certain types of globes and jeeps like the Moab, making them better.

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