BlizzConline takes place on February 19 and 20, 2021

Blizzard entertainment announces a new digital experience of BlizzCon at the beginning of the coming year: the BlizzConline. The expected date for the event is d 19 and 20 Februarywhich promises an epic digital spectacle online.

Preparing engines for Blizzcon 2021

“Despite the circumstances that prevent us from meeting in person this year, we are preparing something at the beginning of the year that is coming to channel BlizzCon’s spirit in the form of an online show,” he commented in the press release. “We still have a lot to plan and it will take some time before we are ready to share more details, but we would like to let you know how you can be a part of online fun.”

One of the events planned for BlizzConline is Community Showcase, an opportunity for cosplayers, artists and other community creators to participate in the show and showcase their talent through a world-class competition and exciting exhibitions. Thanks to the overall nature of the show, we hope to make these events accessible to more people around the world. They also organize one Special market for Murlocs and encourages all users to send them pictures and videos.

Those interested in attending Murlocs March or the Community Showcase can go through the official website.

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