Blizzard’s CFO, Amrita Ahuja, joins Square, Inc.

Amrita Ahujawhich is currently providing service in Blizzard entertainmentsigned by the CFO (CFO) Square, Inc.a company dedicated to financial services, commercial services and payment with mobile devices.

Ahuja has been part of Activision for 8 years and with Blizzard since 2018. The directive has imposed various functions in finance and strategy, including senior vice president of investor relations, vice president of finance and strategy and vice president of finance and strategy. His new role at Square Inc will be with Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter.

“At Amrita, we’ve found an incredibly multidimensional business leader,” Dorsey said. “Amrita brings the ability to consider and balance opportunities in all of our business and will help strengthen our discipline to the extent we change, build and scale. She is ready to leave it to others, has the courage to take risks from the start and is a passion for our customers and our proposals ”.

Is Blizzard getting rid of Amrita Ahuja?

On the other hand, according to Kotaku, in the middle of the salsa series, Amrita Ahuja has been the art of reducing company costs and all the revolt with bad decisions. Several former and current Blizzard employees have anonymously stated that;

Over the past year, Blizzard has been actively working to find creative ways to reduce costs that do not attract press attention. Amrita’s talk of cost reduction was not something that happened once. They told us we would reduce the cost monthly.

The economy of Blizzard has been one of those invisible features that are there but that has nothing to say. Now there are conversions in meetings.

Many decisions are now driven by people in business, marketing and finance. There is a real battle between developers and business people. Strategic decisions are driven by the financial group.

Blizzard is a special place. Many people are worried about Blizzard’s future if the Activision method is filtered more than it will convert.


With these statements, it is still clear that all blizzard decisions, including the launch of Diablo Immortal for mobile devices, may have been forced by the finance department and Activision, so we ask; Do you have this to see with the company’s Ahuja march? leave your opinion in the comments.

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