Blizzard starts legal battle on Bossland with Honorbuddy fine

Honorbuddy, Lazymon, Buddywing, Hearthbuddy stop selling

Good news for fair game lovers, HonorBuddy, a bot for World of Warcraft that does pretty much everything, will stop marketing. The program has been the subject of legal disputes between Blizzard y Bossland, the company will be out of the program. Blizzard is waging a protracted battle, which began six years ago, to close the door to Bossland through legal means and to deprive its servers of this bot and its users. In addition to Honorary comrade, Lazymon, Buddywing y Hearthbuddy they will also stop selling.

The announcement was made on Saturday, November 11 in the same forums of the program.

Regards, friends,

What’s left will be sad news, but this is the result of a six-year legal battle that recently took place on a battlefield for hackers on the Blizzard side.

When we say this, our only way to act is to step aside from Honorbuddy. From today, we will suspend all sales of the following products;

Honorbuddy, Lazymon, Buddywing, Hearthbuddy.

However, the previously mentioned services remain intact until 31 December 2017 for those who already have a license.

Over the next week, we will take a stand on the future of Rebornbuddy and Pokefarmer. The Demonbuddy, Exilebuddy and Hashing service will remain for sale in the near future.

The forums will experience a change; the store will be closed. Many things will change.

We have always believed that Honorbuddy offers no advantage other than giving players less time than others to enjoy the game like everyone else. Many do not agree, and many less Blizzard, but being able to provide this service to these players has always been our goal, and something we have been happy to do for the last 8 years.

We will soon close these services, but the recent advances on Blizzard’s side are only possible because of its decision to compromise the privacy of their players. While WoW is running, the game continuously scans the user’s computer with the ability to send back exactly what applications the user is performing, and in some situations even get to send the titles of the windows to any window. These things happen even though WoW is performed on the second floor, and even without starting a session in one person.

Fighting this war is something no one has done before and no one will do in the future. Everything is still not over, but we need to adapt to these new circumstances in order to have the opportunity to continue in the future.

We hope to understand that these changes are not something we want to do because we want to, but because we have to do it. We appreciate your continued support.

Bossland Administrator

User opinions cheteros Honorbuddy is one of the most mischievous, from showing sadness because Blizzard spies on its customers to avoid these types of programs and has a fairer game, to emotionally charged goodbye expressing the “incredible journey over the years as an HB client . ” Since it could not be missed, many users have requested information about other bots working in the game.

Make sure you have bots for World of Warcraft do not end with Honorbuddybut it is a great blow to Bossland that one has done the hard work on the coast to offer automatic lifting services as high as business, automated material yard with auction control, honor farm, and including some speed and TV cheaters transport with the exception of its services to people who do not have time to play and not a tool for all the gold sellers found in the game.

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