Blizzard is working on an unannounced Diablo project

On the job page to Blizzard entertainmentnew job lists have emerged that seem to reveal some of the company’s new projects, all of which are unannounced but which seem to point to its IP on Diablo.

New Devil on the way?

It has been published approx 28 job offers for Blizzard’s unannounced projects, most turn to an IP-based project. Diablo. The project recipients mention roles such as Dungeon y Environmental artists, Software engineersand high-level roles such as Creative director.

Although the details of what the project is exactly are inaccurate, most of the lists say “Hell’s fans are coming back stronger”, explicitly stating that Blizzard is “working on a new Diablo project” without announcing. I do not know if it’s an expansion to Diablo III, or a brand new game.

Apart from the Diablo project, the rest of the lists seem to be tied to other unannounced projects. The first of them is “a new experience for mobile” (with roles attached to it, including a position as animator and senior game producer), and another that appears to be a first-person title.

If the conclusion is clear, it could be something related to Overwatch, the listed roles could move to something completely new, which for that project will include a Senior / Principal Game Designer and a Lead Software Engineer who seems to contribute to the development of “a first-person engine robot for an unannounced project”.

Although these projects appear to be well guarded by Blizzard. Could we have news at E3 2018?

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