Blizzard is working on a new surveillance video game for consoles and PC

Blizzard has revealed that it is working on a new surveillance video game.

As explained in on the official websitethe project will be immersed in a new universe and will be “a new surveillance video game for PC and consoles”.

“A place full of heroes we must always know, with stories that explain and adventures to experience. A great realm of possibilities waiting to be explored.”

“For thirty years, Blizzard has created universes for millions of gamers around the world. This will take a diverse team of developers willing to speak up, listen, and be heard. That’s our mission.”

The game is still in a very early state of development, probably in the pre-production phase, and the American company is hiring a new person for themselves.

“Do you like supervisory games? Would you like to join a collaborative team of experienced developers in the early stages of a new project in a new world…and help write the next chapter in Blizzard’s history?”.

As we begin to move the pieces for this new project, Blizzard continues to work on its other previously announced games, primarily Diablo IV and Overwatch 2, which will likely be released under Microsoft’s auspices following the launch of Activision Blizzard.

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