Bladepoint Tier List – The best grades in 2022

Hell: Bladepoint can be a pretty exciting game. With a large community and a pool of key characters, it can be a little difficult to find the best solution for you. Our Naraka: Bladepoint level list you should help.

As was to be expected, this is very subject to opinions. It’s always better to discover your favorite character and your fighting style, but this list will at least go in the general direction where you can move on to the rest. The best players in Naraka: Bladepoint are after all the ones who can discover unique types of games.

If you are looking to play the game and want to try it while away from home, this is what we know about Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile. If not, here’s how to face Viper Ning’s ultimate Twilight Crimson if you’ve struggling with it.

Hell: Bladepoint Tier List – Who’s the Strongest Person?



S Matari, Yoto Hime
ONE Tarka Ji, Viper Ning, Tianhai, Yueshan
B Temulch, Wuchen
C Kurumi, Valda Cui

Here’s a quick overview of why each person is classified as they currently are:


While certainly not bad, Kurumi rounds out the end of our list. It’s a great sanadora, but the community is a little more selfish in its style of play, so you do not get the most out of it less than one of your friends. It is much better with an appropriate strategy.

Valda Cui

As our last choice, Valda Cui is best with a well-trained team. When it falls alone, it can be lost much faster.


Temulch is a bit like a tank and can get caught by it. By using a torpedo attack you can disarm the enemies and attack them with the lower guard. Unfortunately, it turns into a bigger goal and is a little less agile.


While the whole thing is without a doubt a situational hero, Wuchen is perfect for a quick escape. If you and your team are struggling to preserve an area, your definitive ability to teleport is. It can not be used while getting a punch, but if your friends are kind, it can be an excellent move.


Tarka Ji is a strong defensive hero who is capable of supporting tons of punches. It may be good enough in certain situations, but it does not have the total attacks of the opponents.

Víbora Ning

As the first hero to prove, Viper Ning is a great character for beginners. It has some good distraction moves and its ultimate can be reached even if the block is in place for a few seconds.


With one of the best definite skills in the game, Tianhai has the ability to transform into a great beauty. This makes you a goal from the start, but good defensive skills allow you to play a big distraction.


An incredibly versatile fighter, Yueshan uses his definitive ability to cover with a terracotta armor, which allows him to receive more damage and strike even harder. Although he is not the fastest fighter, his abilities are favored just as much by an offensive player as a defensive player.


Since Matari is one of the coolest characters in the entire game, Matari is an excellent option if you want to dominate the opponent. You can get out of danger incredibly fast, to recover quickly. She also has the ability to be the most important DPS for your team, a formidable combination. There is a reason why it is so popular.

yoto ham

Like the last character, Yoto Hime has amazing speed, great escape skills and a great bar, which made him a prominent place on the list of levels in Naraka: Bladepoint.

You can easily hit groups of enemies and inflict a lot of damage at the same time. With Yoto Hime you can win almost complete games with one hand. Llévala for a party with a good sanador and can be really impatient.

And that’s it! If you are learning the best way to play Naraka: Bladepoint, you want to know how to win, then consult this guide before embarking on a losing battle.

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