“Biomutant”, “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” and more will appear in this month’s PS Plus Free Play! !

December PS Plus flip title leaked

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Free play titles scheduled to be distributed on PlayStation Plus Essential leaked. According to billbil-kun, who has provided accurate leak information so far, the following three titles will be offered in December.

PS4 “Mass Effect Legendary Edition”
PS5/PS4 “Biomutant”
PS5/PS4 “Divine Knockout”

The distribution period is scheduled from December 6th to January 3rd next year, and subscribers of the Essential or higher plan can play for free. However, these three titles are just leaks of the lineup for North America, and the titles for Japan may differ from this.

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And here is the title that was actually announced ↓

Best month! !

Biomutant! I was wondering if I should buy it, but I was right to wait!

↑ I also refrained from buying after seeing the reviews.

Mass Effect LE or something.It’s a great game so let’s go full circle

Mass Effect sucks. Only the ending of the third work is that w

Too many stacking games are exhausting

Wow, the contents of the leak street have arrived in Japan!
Towards the end of the year, the stacking game will increase! !

thank you biomutant
I couldn’t do it at the time, so thank you for letting me download it

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