Binance questionnaires allow users to earn free SHIB if you are fast

Binance Learn and Earn questionnaires allow exchange users to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies, including free SHIB, simply by answering some questions. There is only one problem: the rewards are determined upon arrival.

According to Binance’s latest update on the initiative, the ‘A Guide for Binance Trading Beginners’ course can compensate those who fill out the questionnaire with SHIB. Residence in Twitter pictures of completed questionnaires, it appears that the compensation is 18800 SHIB. Binance does not belong to the distribution of Shiba Inu. Organized a SHIB show in March that donated $ 100,000 to SHIB for new users.

But with so few rewards, can users use questionnaires to earn something from SHIB?

Binances SHIB test

With a limited range of rewards available in their questionnaires, those who want to earn SHIB must be prepared for the exact times when Binance launches new rewards.

Binance Learn and Earn is an initiative launched by the stock exchange to teach more users about the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Coinbase also has its own Coinbase Earn questionnaires, which currently include AMP and The Graph questionnaires.

Following the initial launch of Binance Learn and Earn, Binance began launching a second round of rewards on April 6th. The rewards on April 6 start in three phases at the following moments:

  • 3.00 UTC (4.00 BST, 23.00 ET, 20.00 PT)
  • 8.00 UTC (9.00 BST, 4.00 ET, 1.00 PT)
  • 14.00 UTC (15.00 BST, 10.00 ET, 7.00 PT)

At the time of writing this article, two of these phases have passed and all the rewards have been claimed. I agree with reports on twitter, the initial round of rewards lasted less than five minutes. Potential winners might want to look into the final stages of winning any free cryptocurrency.

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Without restrictions, there is no guarantee that the course will be distributed by SHIB to anyone who completes it. In fact, we hope that any compensation, whether it is SHIB or other currencies offered, is fast enough.

As Binance has just launched the second phase of its Learn and Earn Rewards, we also hope that future rounds will continue to distribute free cryptocurrencies (including Shiba Inu) as rewards for completing these short courses.

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