Big YouTuber Hikaru “I’ll spin 1 million yen price of Pokéka on-line gacha to reveal the darkness” → The result’s too stunning…

Hikaru makes use of 1 million yen to confirm whether or not Pokéka’s on-line gacha actually hits


According to the article

On February 13, “Hikaru” (4.85 million registered customers) launched “[Uncovering the Darkness]The result of spinning the rumored 10 million yen online gacha until it hits the jackpot…” Did.

The website in query is the net gacha website of the cardboard store “Clove”

On the location, you’ll be able to spin a gacha the place you may get pokeka (pokemon playing cards) for 1000 yen per mouth, and all three varieties of first prizes are playing cards with a purchase order worth of over 1 million yen. This time, Hikaru declares that he’ll begin with 1 million yen and preserve pulling till he wins.

When I pulled the gacha for some time, an impact I had by no means seen earlier than occurred, and I gained the 2nd prize card. After that, as if the continuation of dropping till some time in the past was a lie, I gained the second prize card in a row. And within the 290th gacha in complete, an much more beautiful manufacturing has occurred. The three of them stated, “Wow! It’s here!”, “Something’s dangerous!” And lastly, I bought one of many first prizes, “Pikachu”.

In reality, this website has a mechanism that enables pointless playing cards to be returned to factors, and Hikaru determined to return all playing cards apart from the primary prize. As a consequence, it’s calculated that solely about 80,000 factors have been used, and for 80,000 yen, you’ve got obtained a card equal to 1 million yen. Hikaru could not include his pleasure, saying, “I didn’t expect it to come out so soon”, “I thought it would be around 3 to 5 million”.

Hikaru determined to make use of the remaining 920,000 factors for an additional gacha on the identical website at a later date. This gacha is 10,000 yen per mouth.

And on the a hundred and thirtieth time in complete, the manufacturing of the jackpot got here once more.

What got here out was the cardboard of “Lilie” that Hikaru needed probably the most. It is a highly regarded uncommon card that may be offered for over 3 million yen. Hikaru shouted “Uwaaaaa!” and exploded with pleasure.



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