Bethesda’s Starfield looks like Gaming’s next polarizing masterpiece

“We know everyone is eager to see Starfield,” said Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer as the Xbox and Bethesda 2022 presentation reached its climax. He continued: “Today’s program has highlighted playability, so it’s logical that we’ll end it with an extended first look at one of the most anticipated games in Xbox history.”

“This is Starfield.” said, and here it is.

Not surprisingly, it seems to many of the millions of spectators around the world that the angel who saw Bethesda’s fascinating work of love, which once offered the once exalted god Todd Howard game, did not succeed. If you were a game journalist give your professional opinion on Twitter or a fan who responded to the revelation through sites like ResetEra, the voices that Starfield discussed immediately after the presentation seemed to have as many negative opinions as positive ones.

It seems that Howard’s noble promise of “more than 1000 planets” to explore will seem great after his confirmation of the “16x detail” in the Fallout 76 E3 announcement, the landscapes are wide enough to show people in some pictures or something more . doubted. and dada the latest story about the games when it comes to Starfields size launches, who can blame them?

One day everything will be different when I make my masterpiece

Since the science fiction role-playing game was officially announced in 2018, the gigantic masterpieces that claim to change the medium to always have a mixed career. Cyberpunk 2077 is the negative example I would point out, with its exaggeration that does not lead to a game that could not be run on a large amount of hardware and was very damaged, leaving many players with a more pessimistic vision of Cyberpunk than my own assessment of what really were the goditas of brilliance that drifted into a sea of ​​desperate potential. In many ways, this is the worst case scenario for Starfield. A massive and uncovered project that is quickly gaining a reputation as as toxic as it basically needs to be buried as soon as possible.

On the other hand, including the supposed success stories from last year’s category is not out of trouble, as Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 captured many with its massive world and its enchantment in realism, but it also stayed short in other areas. Already features like the horses’ testicles, frozen by cold, evoked more confusion than admiration, revelations about the crisis required to implement technical narratives or its online element that did not reach the same level of profitability as the old GTA Online, things are not all good. rose in the vultures’ paradise.

This brings us back to Starfield, a game that seems to have the same pace as these titles, which have suffered significant setbacks. This has also been the case with Bethesda’s role-playing game, which was originally supposed to come this year, but will now only be seen in 2023. While a study takes the time to ensure that its huge game is as polished as possible before you start the. in the public opinion galaxy, it’s generally something to applaud, in my opinion the effects that Starfield’s long development has had on the development cycles of other potential Bethesda IPs are increasingly hard to ignore.

Let’s start with the fans looking forward to a game that the editor also played at E3 2018, during the same broadcast where Starfield made its debut. The Elder Scrolls 6 is basically more of a meme than a game at this point. The constant relaunch of Skyrim from 2011, a historic title that has existed for more than a decade at this time, has done nothing to satisfy a fan base full of gamers desperate for a single-player solution, such as The Elder Scrolls Online simply does. not, you can offer them. It’s easy for the uninitiated to reach out to these fans, from those who admitted it, to scolded kids throwing their toys out of the car to receive a game they did not buy until they wanted to, but I do not think , that conclusion is the right one.

Keep in mind that the distance between the launch dates for Oblivion and Skyrim has been a little over five years, and that the time between Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls 6 is duplicating. These concerns do not seem to be ridiculous now. This is not to mention the fact that the YouTubers who created the content behind the series are now openly discussing the possibility of getting rid of the deep themes that exist in the world and the tradition of existing games to discuss before the next final coming. give new. material. Additionally, to bring the massive influx of new players attracted to the Skyrim series, expecting more than a decade to launch a sequel that would not be MMO would probably have been the best for the Bethesda ticket, even if the game is a guaranteed money . manufacturer without importing how long it takes.

How Fallout has affected Fallout

The second series that has not exactly benefited from Bethesda’s stay in space is Fallout, which Howard recently revealed will have its next feature when The Elder Scrolls 6 is finished. If the situation for Fallout fans is not as serious as the situation for the poor people in Elder Scrolls, where Fallout 4 from 2015 brings a newer feature to return, and Fallout New Vegas from 2010 is still waiting for the most demanding fans like me, it is still not quite ideal. Fallout 76 from 2018, which suffers negatively from most of the equipment due to its unfortunate launch, continues to be a more polarizing title for fans of the major Fallout games than TES Online among Elder Scrolls fans. On the other hand, that does not mean that Bethesda has nothing to worry about when it comes to those who only like Fallout. For some years to come, the fan base will be in exactly the same position that Elder Scrolls fans now find.

Both groups are full of people who want to give you a chance at Starfield, whether science fiction is what you have or what you’ve thought about the fragments of the game that you’ve seen so far, simply because it’s a game. made by Bethesda. If the game is good, it’s what guarantees you the ability to actually claim a Witcher 3 level for the coded space at the top of the food chain of Western role-playing games. Without embargo, it is also a double-barreled weapon. As their own Project Red CDs have shown with Cyberpunk, it can be a recipe for disaster and deception to have the kind of exaggeration and attention that these masterpiece-budding titles have aimed at a new IP with high goals.

Everything returns to the sea of ​​anticipation and enthusiasm that Spencer listened to in his presentation of the game at the Xbox and Bethesda show. Starfield could turn into a good match, and yet fans will not realize that the significant setbacks caused by their established French relatives have paid off. It’s a harsh reality, and some would say it’s shocking, but it’s the hand that its creators have distributed the game. I say this, given what’s happening to the principles of 2023, I think the only thing that is guaranteed is that those of us in the gaming area will inevitably talk about Starfield for a long time.

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