Bethesda wonders how Starfield sounds

Desperate to find out new details about the upcoming Starfield RPG from Bethesda, editor of Skyrim? Well, today is your lucky day.

As part of a YouTube series of different parts called Into the Starfield, which has already reflected on how the game will look into the studio’s vision for its future and what players will be able to do with it, Bethesda has just launched a first look on how will play Starfield.

Given the importance of the soundtracks in Bethesda’s previous plays, from fantasy-orchestral harmonies from The Elder Scrolls to the retro jazz tunes from Fallout, this is a great revelation.

Bethesda wonders how Starfield sounds

The video, which can be viewed in its entirety later, features a conversation between Bethesda Game Studio sound director Mark Lampert and Starfield composer Inon Zur, who begin by explaining how important a game’s music is, not only for the final launch, but also for to set a tone for the development of the game.

The couple agree that the creation of the main theme of a game is the hardest part in terms of sound, and Lampert says: “I relax a lot once we feel good about the main theme because the rest will work in repetitions”. but he will write alone ”.

It turns out that for Starfield in particular, they are looking for a circular sound design that will help define the journeys that players will take, saying, “We will find something, we will discover something, we will take it with us. U.S”. and we will return home with him ”.

In addition to this, Zur also talked about the use of woodwind instruments to transfer the idea of ​​particles into space, along with steel and metal instruments to create an audio band that exists somewhere between the organ and the synthetic.

Lampert went on to talk about the integration of music into the game’s sound design, saying, “I want to take any part of that music and convert it into an atmosphere somewhere,” so that the music can serve as a “companion to player.”

He also mentions how the soundtrack to a space game is different from making it a game environment on a burning planet, explaining: “It’s a white link and a great reception terrace.”

The video ends with Zur saying: “my wish is that the music is present in a way that makes the whole experience beautiful”.

In the length of the video, you can listen to fragments of what is likely to be the Starfield soundtrack at the bottom of the conversation, mostly transmitting a sense of smoke and scales.

Be sure to follow up and search for information on The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield.

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