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Some time ago, they were out of fashion Servers to GTA V role-playing games. Role-playing is a style of play that involves taking on a different identity (taking on a role). Interpret a character we have invented in an environment where many other players participate with their respective characters. Any ecosystem that evolves into a server that once was one community of players. We have to choose hundreds of Spanish servants to play and of various themes, such as post-apocalyptic, European or American, what the server administrators have chosen, but the central question is; Which is the best Spanish GTA V RPG server? We give you doubts.

Which is the best Spanish GTA V RPG server?

There are many Spanish-speaking communities and many of them have become famous for various reasons, such as Youtubere island Streamers hayan optado por ellos. But if you’re really looking for something good, something crazy, and that intends to grow and develop day by day, this is the servant for ImperioRP. I took the opportunity to interview one of their administrators, Berny, and here I leave you the result.

+ A: What is ImperioRP and how was it born?

-B: ImperioRP is a Spanish role-playing community from GTA in Fivem. A group of friends who are enthusiastic about role-playing games and willing to do different things, decided to start the project, which was born as a cooking recipe: with illusion, dedication of our time and slowly cooked on fire. Uses all the experience that our STAFF has gained in different communities and delivers it all to our server.

+ A: What is a “whitelist”? and does Empire have it?

-B: Basically, it is a filter that should have all the RP servers in those searching for a series, trying to favor only those people who go into the role who have previously acquired the basic knowledge of Role. It is something quite important in an RP server that all users in these servers can find a rich experience in roll and then ImperioRP has it. The whistle list consists of questions and practical cases related to server norms and basic concepts of the role.

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+ A: How do I postulate for that whitelist?

-B: The first step is to register in our forum, go into the Whistelist section and ask for it, within the Whitelist section there are templates and an explanation of how to post it in the forum and if you do not know, you can you join the discussion and ask for help any member of the STAFF will be enchanted to help.

+ A: Is there more than one type?

-B: Here at Imperio RP we have two types of whitelist: Oral and written whitelist:

The mouthpiece that allows you to access the server and enter any department (Sanitation, Police, Bandas).
The script, which allows you to access the server as a civilian and enjoy the role in it.

+ A: How would you define the role in ImperioRP? What is the point of improving the flow? And points in favor of the server?

-B: ImperioRP is a new community with less than 1 year, we have people from RP crab servers with sufficient role level, we also have people who come from other servers who are more fluent in what role level they learn and others who learn a role organizer . Therefore, as a new community, we try to find a balance to favor a good role, and for that it is our STAFF who are 100% dedicated to teaching and orienting users in specific situations. So I tell you the good points, we are a very open community for the people who want to learn, given that from experience, even if you do not have the right role level when a person wants to improve.

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+ A: How is the server at the moment?

-B: But with WIPE on the server, it’s something that happens when we observe that the server has left something obsolete in terms of programming, and we make new changes, just as the roles that are open to the users of the community are closed and always come well. provide fresco to the server.

+ A: Are you ready for 1 exact date for the wiping?

-B: So it all depends on how it all goes after the tests, but I can say that very soon, probably a few days after the publication of this review, so be careful, we will provide all the information in our disclaimer.

+ A: What would you say to a newcomer to the role who does not like large communities bringing him to the empire?

-B: While entering small communities with serious roles like ours to learn to play, I advise against entering communities where there is no role, so people start learning to play wrong, and when entering into a serious role community one learns the most.

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+ A: And for those who have more experience, how will they fare? What message will they send?

-B: The more expert people always climb the mountain, say they are the most ambitious in this aspect and looking for larger communities in a short space, if they want to come to our server for our beloved part, they will be welcome. ImperioRP, as I said earlier, we are a small community with large projections in large space and ready to have 128 people connected to the server, will call the people who want to join this new community and who will grow with us .

Here we leave the contact to ImperioRP and its RRSS:

It was the words of an administrator of a GTA Roleplay server who had to say that GTA Roleo servers in FiveM had hundreds of them, but of all those I was able to test (some have not) , ImperioRP the palm is taken as far as a serious role is said, that’s what you’re looking for an unparalleled experience, this is your servant. But if you do not agree, you can always look in FiveM for what you call most attention.

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What do you need to play GTA V RP?

  • What you need is a copy of GTA V for PC. You can buy from the net.
  • Compete with a custom game client such as FiveM or Grand Theft Multiplayer
  • Get accepted on one of the hundreds of servers with their respective standards and whitelists as ImperioRP.

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