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Far Cry New Dawn launches soon on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One February 15th we see them best deal on buying it. The title is the new proposal of Ubisoft of the online cooperative based on its famous franchise Far Cry. In this offering, we tend to build a shelter and update it as we unlock new features in addition to being able to recruit specialists. For this we tend to defeat enemies and gather resources as far as Hope County.

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Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn

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History of Far Cry New Dawn

Seventeen years after the nuclear apocalypse, Hope County, Montana, has changed into unexpected forms. The nuclear winter is said to be a “superflorecimi” that creates an exuberant and colorful landscape that the survivors have begun to repopulate with improvised constructions. It’s a lawless border where people fight to get ahead and you can experiment it all with a friend in collaboration or in your opinion like a lone gun.

With the announcement of Far Cry New Dawn, it’s clear that things were not going well for Hope County, Montana in Far Cry 5. How did it all go so apocalyptic? How will the worship project at the Gate of Eden gain absolute dominion over the people and places of Hope County? What did the local resistance do to make them recover? And why was Joseph Seed, the manipulator and leader of a cult of assassins known as the “Father,” able to command such a powerful public?

Far Cry New Dawn

You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in Far Cry 5 as you travel through Hope County’s magnificent valleys and encounter an insidious cult. His message of salvation prior to the Day of Final Judgment has inspired a devoted zealot of fanatics and aggressively recruits new followers through coercion, drugs, alcohol and violence. The mind behind these sinister tactics is the “Father”, a man who believes that he was chosen by God to cut souls before the crash. Under his leadership, the cult has developed extensive operations in all regions of Hope County; From the spectators from the rocky hills and the dense forests. as far as to the fertile arable fields and the sinful cisterns of the rivers no one is saved.

The natural beauty of Far Cry 5 will be an impressive backdrop for your explosive shocks with members of the violent cult who will not wait for anything to fulfill the Father’s vision. With your growing collection of weapons, vehicles and allies, you will have the freedom to fight in the cult as you wish. As much as you break the cult, you will see the difference you make first hand, and you will have one last and dramatic confrontation with “The Father.”

The people you know and the places you are free will be part of your story, a story that culminates in a disaster. The nuclear weapons that reach the end of Far Cry 5 are destroying the landscape and causing strife in the region that has been lost for years. But after long periods of fire and haze, life begins to recover, finally leading to the abundant superbloom that can be seen in the Far Cry New Dawn trailer announcement. And if nature can find a way to thrive in Hope County again, I wonder if there is hope for the people and places for those who fought in Far Cry 5. ”

Main features of Far Cry New Dawn

  • The new order – After surviving the apocalypse, Hope County officials now face a new threat: the Highwaymen, a brutal nihilist carjacker who seeks to alienate everyone in the county. When survivors ask for help in fighting this deadly threat, a new battle for Hope County’s future is fast approaching.
  • Build a housing arsenal – Since the collapse, the survivors have taken part of the remnants of the ancient world to create fences, tools and weapons. The results may seem accurate, but they will help you survive the battle. Your base will allow you to build powerful weapons and vehicles that will give you more opportunities for explosive and excessive action.
  • Get new friends – Immerse yourself in an exciting history campaign that makes battles against the highwaymen and their leaders, the Gemelos. Mickey and Lou are a bunch of idiots leading an army of chariots who seek to deepen Hope County with all its resources before continuing to advance. Appropriate battles to finish with the pearls, you will have a mix of new and single beams with pay and weapons with pay to cover the shields.
  • Survive, free and adventurous – At the heart of Far Cry New Dawn is your home base. Better to have stronger weapons and equipment that will help you survive in the open world. Meanwhile, the Highwaymen secure advanced positions that you will have to conquer, and when that happens, they will be able to play again for a bigger challenge and better rewards. Finally, Hope County is not the only place that has been devastated by the collapse, and you will be able to venture farther from its borders on expeditions and visit new territories as far and wide as EE. UU.

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