Benefit package for Ukraine includes more than 600 games

Yesterday, a pack of PC games was released on the platform which will bring together more than 700 students and media developers to raise funds to support Ukraine in the current war situation. In total, there are almost 1,000 items, of which around 600 are video games, and all of them can be obtained with a donation of just €10, depending on which we can increase the amount if we wish. You can buy in this link.

For this price of 10€, we find titles like Celeste, Minit, Wandersong, Backbone, SkateBIRD, Crosscode, GoNNER, SUPERHOT, ZeroRanger, A Short Hike, Towerfall Ascension, Long Gone Days and many others. More importantly, the full benefits of the Iranian package go to the various humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine.

The aim of the bundle is to collect one million dollars, of which the mitad has already been obtained; will be available for 10 days, until March 10.

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