Belgium fought against Electronic Arts loot boxes

Electronic art decide not to sell loot boxes in Belgium, literally cancel the sale of FIFA Points in the country, points that serve to buy over and create your Ultimate Team team.

In May last year, the Belgian Azar Games Commission agreed that loot boxes constitute gambling (gambling) under current law, and recommended criminal cases against any company that continues to practice this kind of practice in its games.

While Blizzard and Valve quickly closed their stores, followed by several mobile developers, it looked like EA was taking the issue to the judges. Without hesitation, the editor has confirmed that he will stop offering FIFA Points for sale in Belgium, after several discussions with the authorities, according to communication issued by the company.

The changes will take effect for all FIFA games on PC and console by 31 January 2019.

Although players will still be able to earn game rewards, they will no longer be able to buy real-time FIFA points to buy bonuses. Players who do not have FIFA points in their accounts can follow them, but can not buy more. EA appeals to the players in Belgium for “everything inconvenient caused by this change”.

“We seek to offer opportunities, equity, value and fun to our players in all of our games,” says the editor. “In addition to giving players options on how to play, we include the chances of winning in our games for greater transparency.”

“While taking this action, we do not agree with the Belgian authorities’ interpretation of the law and we will continue to ask for more clarification on the matter as we progress.”

“The consequence of this change on the FIFA Ultimate Team in Belgium is not significant to our financial disadvantage.”


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