Before children: tips and tricks for beginners

Before playing the Before We Leave game, you want to know these helpful tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks for first time games

  • When it comes to installing elevators, look for a clamp that allows you to install 3 to 5 elevators if you want to keep traffic organized without having to worry.
  • I like getting to school / springs fast enough in terms of science.
  • Generally, turn to the top right corner of your science book to offer whale food in place on your planet.
  • The energy that the tree generates is excellent to begin with. Most likely, you can jump on oil and jump directly on renewable energy.
  • When objects colonize new planets, always use your inactivity time to continue building and launching more space shuttle ships. It will float peacefully around your planet and hope for the future.
  • The 2x woodcutter is more than enough for the initial / middle game and probably the end of its original island.
  • Ships are super fast / cheap to build. So in my opinion, it really does not matter where your doors are.
  • I like having a centralized island for science. You can transfer red, green scientific dots to different islands or planets.
  • You can build more than 1 science / exploration house to accumulate science points faster. But do not forget to buy them once they have collected all the points on the island to regain some space.
  • Do not forget to use your “Transmogrificador” as a whole to help get your hardware industry up and running.
  • Examine the “Repair” and repair the energy generator before you start building metallurgical buildings; it needs energy to function efficiently.
  • Keeping the islands below 60 people guarantees that you are satisfied with minimal effort, giving you time to research more advanced products before you go up.
  • The first spill cleaners will only clean the contamination until it is lightly contaminated, not completely remove it. You need to research chemical products and update your cleaning products to clean the pollution until it returns to the beautiful pristine land again. (So ​​you do not have to worry too much about the pollution at the beginning of the game; you can eventually get rid of it).

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