[Bayonetta 3 Voice Actor Controversy]It is reported that the $4,000 reward in question was for one of the five recordings.

A Tense Pay Dispute Overshadows Nintendo’s Upcoming Bayonetta 3


According to the article

・It has been revealed that Helena Taylor, who was in charge of voice acting in the Bayonetta series, will not be in charge of Bayonetta 3.

・About the reason for not being in charge,She posted a series of videos on Twitter in which Nintendo Co. and the game’s developer Platinum Games offered a total of $4,000 to reprise her role.criticized.

・She rejected the low-priced offer and asked fans not to buy the game.

・According to documents confirmed by Bloomberg and two people familiar with the negotiations,The development company was determined to rehire Taylor.

・Platinum Games Inc.Attempted to hire Taylor at least five times for four hours in the studio for $3,000 to $4,000 eachsaid the official.

・If this is true,At least $15,000 in compensation for Taylorbecome.

・On the other hand,Mr. Taylor demanded a six-figure amount plus the game’s unsold moneyIt says.

PlatinumGames turned down the request and, after lengthy negotiations, auditioned for new actors.

·after that,PlatinumGames offered Taylor a one-time fee for a cameo in the game, but Taylor turned it down.It says.

·Also,Mr. Taylor is totally lying about the above.claims.

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