Battlefield 2042 gets update with new scoreboard

DICE has released Battlefield 2042 update 3.3.

Originally scheduled for release last February, the park will feature a number of fixes, but there will also be a new interface for the scoreboard. Right here can read the full notes with all changes.

The Swedish study noted that “although these changes include two of the parts we have ordered more, this is only the first version of the classification and we will continue to work on this line in future updates, keeping Keep in mind that you will see the ranking suggestions available on end round screens”.

The new scoreboard.

Update 3.3 also includes the exclusive Steadfast Legendary Pack for users who have purchased the Gold or Ultimate Editions, the Year 1 Pass, or who are subscribed to the EA Play Pro service.

The contents of the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle are as follows:

  • Zero resistance aspect for Mackay
  • Saltamontes Weapon Skin for the K30
  • Swift Hammer Weapon Skin for the M44
  • Vehicle Appearance Iron Chariot for the M5C Bolte
  • Melee Weapon Aspect Rompecostillas
  • Firm game record background
  • Business game card icon

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