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Collected basic battle tricks and tips across a wide variety of campaigns with additional information from other users.

Battle Tips and Tricks

  1. If something always has to happen, it has to keep moving. Even if you just want to get away from an enemy from a distance, you should at least move from one side to the other so that the demons can’t kill you properly.
  2. Focus on bigger enemies if you have full ammo and reserve human enemies (ie zombies) to regain health, ammo and armor. If you get rid of the smaller enemies too soon, you may find that there’s no way to restore health when you’re standing at the gates of death.
  3. There are many sheds, plumbing, and gates scattered throughout most areas where enemies appear. They’re not the only ones showing it. They went as far as possible to give back through the area, jumping on the demons where they could.
  4. If you want to recover the armor safely, use the launchers to attack an enemy that is beating. Do this before reaching a glorious matanza to get health and armor, or cut them through a motorcycle lane to get ammo and armor.
  5. Know which alternate shooting methods are best for facing certain enemies. For example, the Cacodemons (the large floating eyeballs) carry Sticky Bombs grenades. Get rid of them first to give them much-needed breath to face the other major threats. (Open your Codex and read the posts about demons: everyone has weaknesses, please!)
  6. Some enemies have weaknesses that can be exploited to reduce their firepower. The Arachnotrons (arachnid big brains) can fly the turret with a pegajosa grenade or a well-placed hole in the heavy cannon, while the Revenant launchers can be destroyed.
  7. Instead, use the secondary fire, which appears to be much better than the primary fire, to confront certain enemies. The Hell Knights have a harder time with explosives such as rocket-propelled grenades, micro-missiles and many others.
  8. Discard any mine or red barrel near the enemies. His explosions will almost always overpower them for a short time and interrupt the attack for a short time.
  9. For any enemy using plasma shield, the concentrated fire of the plasma gun will destroy the shield. If you destroy a shield with the plasma gun, it will explode and wreak havoc on nearby demons.
  10. Do you find levels that are too hard, but don’t want to go back to the past or change the difficulty? Use Mission Select to complete old missions and get extra lives. These carry over to the progress of the main campaign.
  11. Upgrading the weapons is necessary and certain areas are perfect for doing this, such as the starting area in Super Gore Nest Mission… but always leave some enemies so you can recharge the checkpoint and move on. In addition, the fortress has a practice area which is good for some turbans like the soldiers).
  12. Change weapons slowly and don’t stick with them. Not only is the ammunition you have limited, some weapons also take a while to charge the gun. This means that switching many weapons during a battle can help you deal more damage and use ammunition more efficiently.
  13. To optimize weapon switching, you must use numbers and the move wheel instead of the weapon wheel, or in the case of just pressing Q to switch to your most recent weapon. If a song is too fast with your fingers, change to a closer one and then use the move wheel.
  14. Building efficiently! You want to get away from who you can while you’re pregnant (or huyes), to make sure you don’t do any harm. In addition, Balista’s modules will slow down quite a bit when loading, and in the meantime their movement speed will decrease, making them vulnerable. You intend to shoot in the air and load the shot. Then disappear when it suits you.
  15. Spam dash, you can listen to the radio to damage something like a Hell Knight’s whip. You can run much faster if you hit the screen just once. When you make a double guión it takes a second or two to load, but if you wait, wait, wait, wait, wait you can basically run forever because it loads a pip much faster than two.

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