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I never played the Gamecube version of Mario Strikers, but the Wii game, Mario Strikers Charged Football, was one of my absolute favorites while I was growing up. It’s been so long since it’s launched in 2007 that many of us did not believe the series would return.

But still, the dream is not over. As a last-minute settlement, Nintendo announced Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, and it appears as a cross between the structure of the original and the busy locations in Charged.

Get your fingers in the work for more or less an hour, and so far that’s good news.

the high press

This is a football game that is fun and understandable for people who do not come to football regularly and it does not matter in the world that EA loses its FIFA license. No worries, don’t worry: Mario Strikers: Battle League Football has an incredible number of things to consider when playing.

The list is more or less what you would expect: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser are accompanied by your Toads and Yoshis. The Waluigi company must have been a real hit: Smash Bros. FC seems to have failed it all along. I would like to see a larger list at a later date, so it’s easy to see that the current committee is coming back a little boring after a while. For launch, without restrictions, it is perfectly suited.

The controls are simple enough to start, but start adding some technical elements to keep it focused and separate the talents of the Premier League from Vanarama National. You can recalculate your steps a little better to ping in tiki-taka style, hit beautiful birds for the first time, or use items strategically to prepare space for a particular power attack. Even without the balloon, there are many things you can do. Cancel traps to provoke escape, beat your own teammate against the opponent to achieve an exquisite defeat and even put Donkey Kong’s giant torso in the way of a shot you do not trust and which you carry, which means there is a shot with high ability both inside and out of possession.

My team consisted of big boys, commanded by Waluigi. Along with my talismans, Wario, DK and Bowser played. A fantastic squad on paper, and one that could be seen dominating the championship.

Beautiful boots

Each character has different stats and as you have guessed, a team of Yoshi, Rosalina, Toad and Peach will have a progression rhythm over them all. This is where the hardware system comes in.

You can equip your person with a helmet, a shirt, boots and gloves. As in real football. Each of them can add one of your stats to the other page. So how often will you throw a statistic in favor of Bowser’s speed. It could be my complicated alero, a Jack Grealish type. Then you can hit on a giant helmet of strength in Wario. That’s my central defense of the Moretones. He also carried the ball in his hand, for it simply did not matter.

The equipment options offer a good level of customization; although it, like the list of characters, would be nice to see more in the future. Currently, there are only a few options for each person, and all are functionally the same. One piece for each part of the body for statistics. Imagine a world with unique team opportunities for each person: what world it would be.

An elegant touch

Another thing I need to mention about Battle League is the presentation. Personality is everything. From Toad being raised in the air by a host of other Toads during a goal celebration to Donkey Kong eating a slaughtered plate after a goal, it’s clear that the Battle League is splitting with the stage.

They are the characters of Mario who plays football. The aforementioned Wario, who holds the ball in his hand, is just one of the delicious personality fragments salted from all sides. Waluigi, who is always arrogant, poses as Connor McGregor and gets the iconic pink of the other sports games he has participated in. He always hits the ball with his head from 30 feet in the air for his charged shot, and my boy Yoshi speaks his tongue first .

It seems like Mario Strikers: Battle League Football definitely knows where the goal is and I hope it destroys me completely when the online multiplayer mode opens. There will be a Pro Clubs style mode. Come and sign for my team.

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