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I love football games. Some of my first memories in the games involve playing various FIFA elements mediated by the nineties against my brother and my father, and lost almost all the time. My last resort was to connect another AFK controller, which left the opposition completely inactive to be able to record.

If those days could sadly be left behind, my love for any kind of football game would never have faded. Therefore, the arrival of Mario Strikers: Battle League, Nintendo’s arcade game in the game, which debuted for the first time on the GameCube, was a very interesting perspective when it was announced on Nintendo Direct in February. One of the surprises revealed in a presentation filled with new games was the next logical step after Mario Tennis Aces in 2018 and Mario Golf: Super Rush in 2021.

The series has remained inactive since Mario Strikers Charged on the Wii in 2007, and fans are wondering if there will be a sequel for the day someday. Unfortunately, the time that has passed with the last post shows that the inevitable charm of watching Nintendo’s icons play on the field has not diminished. Mario Strikers: Battle League is a sure return to the way that justifies the wait of fifty years.

Dig the ground

If you have spent some time on a football game, no matter how competitive or realistic it is, you will know what to expect from Mario Strikers: Battle League. It’s much more arcade than its contemporaries, with 4v4 combat and energetic games running fast for a predetermined duration of four minutes. Apparently, the tactical preparation of something like FIFA does not seem to matter. In return, you will find yourself bombarding rival players, disappearing as hard as possible and gathering potential to hit the road defenders and be able to break through the gate.

In that sense, it’s probably the best arcade football game there is. You do not have to distinguish your Messi from your Maldini to appreciate the simplicity of the concept. Even if you do not like sports betting, the Battle League does enough to attract newcomers to never place too much emphasis on sports safety or tactical intelligence.

This should be very easy to get into the game box, even if the games have a dizzying rhythm. Rarely will you be too busy passing your teammates, but you will concentrate on defeating opponents and firing well-placed shots at the Boom Boom gates. Of course, experienced football fans can experiment with more advanced controls, which include elevated balloons and passes bouncing through the walls to the desired destination. Not surprisingly, like Mario Kart, the Battle League is designed to receive open-arms receivers without any complications.

Without restrictions, it’s more than just football, and that potentials and special traits are also the key to success. Random boxes will run in large numbers quickly during the games, which will contain everything from speed bumps to red projects that end up with the nearest opponent. Add a chance of luck, with the expectation that you will gain offensive power if you have any goals in the future. Along with that is the Hyper Strike movement, where you have to collect a special bottle before sending a supersonic explosion to the porter, in the hopes of scoring the double point.

The face of the game

Football games have never been famous for putting visual fidelity first, but Mario Strikers: Battle League seems to be that part. Nintendo’s own games always have a certain level of polishing, and this is no different, with impressive character models and detailed scenes, repetitions of animated spectators watching the action. However, they are not very reactive to events on the court, for example, they do not close a hard entrance or celebrate a goal, but there is a tangible atmosphere in every party. Combine that with a variety of Mario-inspired stadium designs, such as Mushroom Hills and Bowser’s Castle, and you’ll get a Switch title that looks just as good as any other in the system.

One thing that fans can decide is the variety of characters on offer. At the launch, there are ten characters to choose from, which is a good amount, but fails in comparison with, for example, the Mario Kart series. Notable omissions include Daisy, King Boo and Birdo, and the lack of a character creator to add your Mii to the action seems like a lost opportunity.

Having said that, there are many options for customizing your existing list with a tool that changes your stats. You can buy monitors that increase its speed, for example, that add some degree of accuracy to the procedures. If you want a team with an ultra-fast striker and a really strong defender, you can spend your money on earning that type of team back. It also transfers to tournament modes and online, so you can actually perfect your playing style by qualifying a variety of equipment.

Tournaments, leagues and more

When it comes to the modes available in Mario Strikers: Battle League, you’ll probably be left with a little more profit. There are three main modes in the launch: Quick Battle, Cup Battles and Strikers Club. The first two are self-explanatory, with quick games to play online or offline, and short four-game tournaments. Cup Battles mode is surprisingly fun and ended up spending a lot of time trying on these steep stairs. Each cup has a different pressure, one that contains speed impulse rivals, another that focuses on force and so on. It prepares you for the range of constructions available with the team, and the feeling of winning a final never goes out of style.

The biggest blow seems to be the Strikers Club mode, which seems to be a bit like the Pro Clubs of FIFA games. Choose one person from the list, equip it with the team you like, and one of you with teams trained by other players. From now on you will be competing in leagues and tournaments, with the most available end-of-season prizes the higher you are on the scale. It is undoubtedly a mode that promises a lot and with much is the game’s most developed, but finding a coincidence before launch was a disappointment. This is something we tend to consider more deeply once players hold the game in their hands.

If you’re more interested in a solo player, or if you do not plan to win with friends in the Strikers Club, it is possible to live with the benefits of the modes available in the launch. The flaw in a race mode or season is a lost opportunity, which gives longer life to off-line modes than a solo party or a short tournament. In the same way one could have had a margin for a way of history, in short that it was; at least only as a more attractive way of presenting the mechanics of the game on the training sequences easily laboriously.

None of the minor issues in the game are enough to keep you from the sheer arcade fun you find when playing Mario Strikers: Battle League. Update with confidence this section of Mario for Switch sports games with a really attractive technique and a game cycle that never goes out of fashion. Inequalities are felt, rankings are broken, and the joy of closing a goal at the bottom of the network is a testament to how well the game works.

The only thing left is the lack of features offered, which may make some wonder whether to buy at full price or expect a quote. If you and a group of friends are planning to get it, then Strikers Club will offer a lot of collaborative fun online. Without a doubt, those expecting solitaire game sessions may not find enough tournament options and individual games to justify the purchase at the moment.

However, it is an enchanting and nostalgic return to the Mario Strikers series that will surely resonate with the newcomers as well as those who relive the memories of the early 2000s. When it comes to arcade football games, there are not many who make it better than Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Mario Strikers: Battle League Mario Strikers: Battle League is a welcome return to the series with an exciting game that captures the many different modes. nintendo switch

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch. The editor provided a code.

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