Batman’s new action RPG “Gotham Knights” will be released on October 21! Four days ahead of the previous announcement! The latest trailer has also been released!

The release date of “Gotham Knights” has been pushed forward to October 21st! Harley Quinn and Clayface Appear as Main Villains – IGN

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A new trailer for Gotham Knights villains has been released at gamescom’s Opening Night Live. Harley Quinn and Clayface have been revealed as the main villains.

Furthermore, the release date was supposed to be October 25, 2022, but it was moved forward four days and changed to October 21.

The new trailer introduces Harley Quinn and Clayface, as well as the previously revealed Court of Mr. Freeze, Penguin and Owl.

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Harley Kawa E

I’ll take it

I want to do this, so I want a PS5, so I’ve been applying for a lottery… (I didn’t win)

Harley…get stronger…

The release date for Gotham Knights is getting a little earlier uuuuuuuuuu!
Or rather, in the PV, Harley t et ah ah ah ah ah!
Yaruo PC Jururi Drool Delight

Why isn’t there a Switch version?
disobedient husband cosplay bowser anger rage

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